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    RWT98 reacted to Zyndo in Water cooling PETG   
    You should get your fittings wherever you also get your tubing from. There can be slight manufacturing discrepancies between various brands. a 13mm from one company may not be exactly the same size as a 13mm from another. If you get from the same companies, their tubing and fittings will be 100% compatible. If you don't like someones fittings, get the tubing from the other company you're getting fittings on.
    That being said, a lot of the time you're fine, since the O-ring is what seals your tubing, and it can fill up most of these discrepancies. But my recommendation still stands.
    1" = 25mm.
    13mm fittings SHOULD be able to house 1/2" (12.5mm) tubing. But again, its the kind of thing you have to be careful about.
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    RWT98 reacted to atomicus in Water cooling PETG   
    I'd echo the above and when you're starting out it's just so much simpler and hassle free to get tubing and fittings from same company, or at the very least get 100% confirmation that they will work beforehand... and the only way you'd really get that is trawling the web and finding people who've done builds with the same parts and had zero compatibility issue. You'll have enough to occupy yourself, worry and consider with your build the first the time around, so the last thing you want to add to that is the possibility (however unlikely) that your parts won't actually fit together perfectly!
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    RWT98 reacted to DRGSaber in What was your first computer?   
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    RWT98 reacted to guitarboy012001 in What was your first computer?   
    Fist PC I technically owned is a chromebook.
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    RWT98 reacted to Ottawa_Brewer in What was your first computer?   
    Macintosh LC III.

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    RWT98 reacted to NinjaJc01 in What was your first computer?   
    Family PC: Pentium 4 and integrated ATI graphics
    First PC I owned personally: Core 2 Duo @3Ghz, HD 6450, 2GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, a Dell Optiplex 960.
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    RWT98 reacted to DebatED Nothing in What was your first computer?   
    Sorry for duplicate threads Didn't realise there was a thread like this already.
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    RWT98 reacted to mikat in What was your first computer?   
    posted from my very first computer
    i borrowed a very old g4 or g5 book thing from my uncle one year b4 the macbook air
    so the macbook is still the first computer that i OWNED not had
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    RWT98 reacted to typographie in What was your first computer?   
    My elementary school's computer lab had Apple IIe's, I think that was probably the first.
    Look, here's one in a literal museum exhibit:

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    RWT98 reacted to Praesi in What was your first computer?   
    Amiga 500.
    I still have it and ~300 Games for it.
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    RWT98 reacted to RossMadness in What was your first computer?   
    I don't remember the brand, but it ran Win 3.1. I would play Commander Keen for HOURS. It was glorious.
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    RWT98 reacted to Patrick3D in What was your first computer?   
    Timex Sinclair 1000 (actual size footprint is smaller than a sheet of paper):

    It came out in 1983 for under $100, one of my uncles gave me his after he got a Macintosh in '84. I spent many nights going through the manual and teaching myself programming with the sample programs listed in the back of the manual. The brick you see on the back is a 16KB memory expansion module and it stored data using cassette tapes. I had mine hooked up to a ~10" black and white TV. There were 2 problems I experienced with it: after 30 minutes the video would start to get wavy from overheating and the sample "Monopoly" game in the manual would never work (kept getting errors), I was only 6 years old at the time so not very good at debugging.
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    RWT98 reacted to Kobrastachka in What was your first computer?   
    My first Pc was a Packard bell With a intel I486 DX , I still have the CPU from it. 

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    RWT98 reacted to ShadesOfGrey in What was your first computer?   
    Our family's first computer was a "US Computers" tower with Windows 95.  We got it for Christmas 1997.  I couldn't even tell you any specs, but I can promise that it was lower-end.
    My first computer was a Toshiba Satellite A-Series with Windows XP that I bought in August 2004.  it was $1000, had an AMD Athlon, 512MB RAM, and probably some baseline integrated graphics card.  Funny to think that that laptop was likely baseline back in 2004, but it was the price of a higher-end laptop nowadays (I'm guessing).  I got five years out of it, finally buying a new laptop in September 2009.  Hell, the screen hinges broke, so for the last year or so of its life I had to use something to prop up the screen.
    It was comical how little I knew about computers back then.  I really screwed that thing up.  Got plenty of malware, once got it so bad that I had to reformat.  And I knew little about maintenance or security, so it was running really slow there towards the end.  Would take Firefox like two minutes to boot up.  It actually took me losing my install disc when I needed to reformat again (to escape the slowness.  Again, didn't know very much) before I just realized it was time for a new one, anyway.
    Every computer I've bought since then has also been a Toshiba.
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    RWT98 reacted to Sam Z Man in This is my 101st post!   
    And your first Shitpost.
    EDIT: Looking at your post history I COMPLETELY RETRACT THIS STATEMENT.
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    RWT98 reacted to Edgar R. Zakarian in scrapyard wars ft. jayztwocents?   
    Anyone else who'd Like to see this ?
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    RWT98 reacted to GalacticRuler in What to get girlfriend for Christmas?   
    Have you looked at his own specs? How is he going to get that when he only has a 750 Ti?
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    RWT98 reacted to jszym in [Build Log] Project Bulldozer   
    That is one monster case!!
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    RWT98 reacted to Yongtjunkit in Do my temps look ok?   
    Not good check if you have a bad mount and reapply thermal paste
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    RWT98 reacted to mider in Do my temps look ok?   
    perfectly fine.  Actually cooler than my CPU.  Hopefully getting a new cooler... Only if Santa comes this year *Sarcasm Face* :lol:  :lol: 
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    RWT98 reacted to W-L in Do my temps look ok?   
    From the looks of everything it's all good, I would run some stress tests if you want to check your load temps though.
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    RWT98 reacted to Jykos in Do my temps look ok?   
    They look fine. But what is the load? Idle? Stress-test? 
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    RWT98 reacted to derpyapple in Do my temps look ok?   
    Yes the temps are great! They are just fine no need to worry
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    RWT98 reacted to Gale in Job Application, when to call and who?   
    I know co-workers can make or break a job, but I don't really count that. What I mean is this; let's say you get transferred to another Best Buy. Now you're stuck with co-workers who are rude to you. Would you still say that Best Buy is awesome? Or would you just say that your ex-co-workers were awesome?
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    RWT98 reacted to DavidTheWin in C# Homework help.   
    Few code quality things
    * Remove all the unnecessary whitespace, i.e. lines 10, 13, 16, 18 and 19
    * The variable m isn't necessary at all, just pass i * t into the print function. If m was required (for example if you were using the result of i * t more than once and don't want to calculate it twice) then you should declare m inside the loop rather than putting the declaration outside the loop.
    For making the output prettier, rather than using WriteLine you want to use a StringBuilder and append to it the number followed by a space, so you start with an empty string "", append "1 " to it giving "1 " then add "2 " to that giving "1 2 " and so on then print it at the end of the inner loop with a new line character.