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  1. Fresh install of windows and bios is up to date.
  2. So temps of cpu sit around 28-30c when running a benchmark. Also got new monitor that's 144hz if that has anything to do with it. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. So below is the link for userbench. Yes I know the test from there are not accurate most the time. Just using it so anyone willing to help can look at the specs of the PC easily. Scores on cinebench Open GL: 27.17fps CPU: 225 http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/10958532 New to this kind of trouble shooting so if you need to see more test please just let me know what test you want me to run. Thanks.
  4. crystal disk reads that both drives are good. 100%. Now what?
  5. Hey LTT, Let me start by saying the some of the problems I've been having have been occurring for almost a year. Do I Think They are all related? No, but I do think my SSD is part of the issue. (Note: SSD only holds OS, and a couple games I play on steam.) I'm not here to tell you what I think though, I'm here to hear what you guys think and to seek help to fix my problems. Problems that have been occurring for about a year When booting PC, it will get stuck on motherboard screen. If I hit the restart button it will restart just fine and go to
  6. yes but not sure anyone have bf4 that plays it anymore......its for every game join
  7. Hey guys, So I figured since Battle Field 1 is just around the corner and I don't know anyone that is going to play it from my friends I figured I would reach out to you guys and invite anyone who wants to play on the release to come hang out. We have a decent group for players currently in my Team Speak, not what it once was, but hey its something. If anyone wants to drop by Please do, just jump in and make friends. I Should have a Battle Field channel soon. Rules are simple No Arguing Failure to do Rule 1 will result in Pema Ban ts77.gameservers.com:9232
  8. 1. Some will say do soft tubing first and in some ways they are correct Let me explain since your position is similar to mine. I bought PETG since It has more pros then cons. I would buy 4 sticks and practice! I think it was about 10 bucks for the 4 36" sticks from primo chill. When doing bends take your time I cant stress this enough! Unlike PC parts you can buy the cooling parts piece by piece. 1B. D5 pumps for the win. Alaph Cool has some nice things you should look at. 2. When constructing the loop build it for upgrading, parts get outdated, and you will always ch
  9. I really like how the 900D looks, its my first choice for my upcoming water cooling build. The price is pretty high but you get what you pay for. My only concern is that there is a better case I could get with the 300 Dollars. Anything you guys like that I should give a shot over the 900D?
  10. I have a question I was wanting to know if anyone could help me with. I decided to go with 3/8 ID 1/2 OD PETG. My question is ..... Where can I buy fitting other then primochill? I heard something about alphacool's 13mm will work with 3/8 ID 1/2 OD is that true? I'm a noob to all the water cooling stuff and read most the post they have helped me alot. Thank You.
  11. Well since im here already why not lol
  12. I have this idea to do a water cooled PC build in side a desk, (yes its been done i know), but I wanted it to fit well it my room. This is the beginning of the plans. Its a corner desk 6' x 6' and 2' wide [i will be making the build log soon once i get plans finished] So I wanted a curve where the 90 degree bend is. Note: In this picture the curve was slightly off I re-adjusted it later. Under the desk. I then smoothed it out, and also fixed the curve, it looked good so far. Deleted all the little lines, but once I got to this one.... This is what happens
  13. when you stop shit posting maybe you wont get bashed so much man usually i post a lot in off topic so i dont have very many post but the one i did took off http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/124020-your-very-first-computer-ever/
  14. i know........ i should just ban myself lmbo
  15. banned from twitch for putting that little face thing WHILE DURING THE AFTER PARTY .......was unbanned the next week once i explained to a mod what happen tho
  16. Want your ps4 to die ???
  17. Thought Mine was bad feel sorry for the guy up top lol
  18. wish i could help but my first and current job was gave to me (always got to know someone) but i must say if you get the job "Team Work" is the most important thing
  19. neither is pretty fun i believe its on sale still too
  20. i have the h100i from corsair perhaps theres a problem somewhere ?
  21. Here are my cpu temps after letting aida64 run for 10 mins how they look
  22. What program do you use ?
  23. just as the title says not sure what they should at so figured id ask you guys also this is at idle