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  1. Also if anyone else is still following the topic a pen capable display would be a bonus for note taking
  2. It also doesn't run windows by default and I'm not comfortable in Mac OS, i haven't used it since ~ 2014 and don't want to have to learn a new OS
  3. i missed a comma. I was saying its unfortunate, because if it wasn't for the issue that they run mac os they would be an awesome candidate because their price to performance is good. \sorry for the miss understanding
  4. looking for something like a r7 5800U or r5 5600u, due to their performance per wat (Zen 3), or intel equivalent good enough to not struggle when doing heavy chrome, Microsoft word, discord... Nothing gaming wise just on the go, No D-GPU needed here and i must reiterate i have no desire to learn Mac OS.
  5. Unfortunately apple and mac os are a NO Go, Windows only. Its unfortunate due to their price to performance now, but I'm a windows guy and haven't used mac since 3rd grade.
  6. Looking for a laptop for light school work, i.e. : note taking, paper writhing, researching, light coding. (i have a gaming laptop for everything else) Needs: Ranked battery life performant Sturdy form factor Preferences: 14-16 inch (small bezels) 512G + Charges USB-C backlit keyboard less than $1250 USD
  7. Unfortunately it does need to be a laptop as he will be using it at school in the future, I am just concerned with keeping it light as he is a rather small highschooler at only 102 pounds ?
  8. Looking to help my brother find a 15" gaming laptop with maximum price to performance with the added stipulation of wanting something on the sleeker and lightish. I'm m open to suggestions but I would prefer a ryzen 3rd gen but if nothing matches that's kind of spec I'm open to Intel as well. Would also like it to be vr ready with a good dedicated gpu. Thanks for the help :)