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    Albatross got a reaction from bdvenom in Windows 10 vs 8.1 vs 7 Gaming Performance   
    That has to be one of the world's most idiotic arguments!
    In what world does it make sense that if I don't want to be spied on, I have to forfeit my right to use technology, especially in an age that is almost entirely digital now? You do realize you are part of the problem, right? Your inaction to make these criminals stop what they are doing gives them the power to keep going and pushing the boundaries.
    So if I don't want to be spied on I have to get rid of the people who spy on me and the lame brains who condone it or ignore it.
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    Albatross got a reaction from bdvenom in Windows 10 vs 8.1 vs 7 Gaming Performance   
    Windows 10 isn't worth it at all to me with all of that spying going on. I really liked it too, until I found out how bad it was. So until they remove that, I would not recommend an upgrade to anyone.
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    Albatross got a reaction from mech in LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread   
    "If it ain't broke, we'll break it."
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    Albatross reacted to Nosfy in Gaming screenshots   
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    Albatross got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in What song are you listening to right now.   
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    Albatross reacted to Space Reptile in The IAmLamp Funeral   
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    Albatross reacted to SCANNERMAN777 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    So Barbie dolls are boring all of a sudden but she loves Roblox, Pokemon, Minecraft, and playing with her school friends via internet and, of course,                 her favourite colour is pink. 
  8. Informative
    Albatross reacted to FrontsLeader in Saints Row 2 For Free On Steam & GoG "Last chance 24/04/2017"   
    Saints Row 2 PC For Free On Steam & GoG
    The Game, bonus, manuel, 3 Backgrounds, 2 avatars

    on steam you have untel 24/04/2017
    on GoG you have 48h
    also  discounts on other Saints Row games on GoG
    https://www.gog.com/games?sort=bestselling&search=saints row&page=1
  9. Informative
    Albatross reacted to DoctorWho1975 in What bike do you lads recommend?   
    Your best is to go to a bike shop in your city.. hybrid with 700c x 32 tires should be fine for your weight.Frame size is going to be a bitch due to your height but if you are lucky you may actually get a sweetheart deal because they have something that would fit you in stock and just want to get rid of it. A good bike shop will be able to fit you properly which is what you will be after.
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    Albatross reacted to Memories4K in AMD VEGA official details   
    >"Just around the corner"
    >Computex in June

    Stop pulling my leg AMD, just tell us it's at the very end of Q2.
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    Albatross reacted to KuJoe in PSA - You won't get in trouble for putting more words in your posts.   
    I've noticed a lot of threads being created lately with seemingly as few words as possible, sometimes even incomplete sentences that are hard to decipher without a secret decoder ring. The only reason for this I can think of is that people are under the impression that if you type too many words you'll get an invoice or get banned, neither of which will happen. So this thread is just a simple Public Service Announcement letting everybody know that it's really OK (even encouraged) to put more words into your posts to form a complete thought.
    If you want help with something, provide some details. Heck, provide ALL of the details. Tell us what software and hardware you're using, tell us about your home network, tell us about the ambient temperature in your room, tell us about the box your pizza came in, tell us about your cat's favorite place to sleep, tell us anything that's relevant to the problem you're having. Too much information is infinitely better than not enough information, but not enough information is better than no information at all. So start with baby steps I guess. Also it's completely fine if you say you don't know the answer to our questions and don't know how to find the answer. Just let us know and we can guide you through the process to get you the information we need from you, but don't ignore the question as it will just delay you getting whatever issue you're having resolved. Google can help you much faster than we can in terms of finding things on your PC, but if you need some extra hand holding don't be afraid to ask for it.
    If you want to talk about something then present your opinion about it along with what you're hoping to learn or accomplish with your thread, don't just make a statement like "pizza is a food. discuss." because that won't start a meaningful discussion.
    I'm not saying you have to write a book, but some of the threads recently take almost a full page of replies just to understand what the OP is asking. And no, it's not a language barrier either, it's simply a lack of information.
    I'm typing up this post because I, like others, truly want to help people here. I literally spend hours on this forum just to assist people with troubleshooting issues and providing guidance for their purchases and so forth. I really like helping people but lately people are making it really hard for people like me to help them.
    So come on LTT community, let's all do our part to make this community even better by not limiting the amount of words we type and stop playing the "let's see how many pages it takes to troubleshoot my issue" game.
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    Albatross got a reaction from robertpartridge in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I recently bought a small set of literature and study books, various from Wheel of Time to Introductory books on Linguistics. I got them used, but they were in great condition! All for about $40, too.
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    Albatross reacted to Magmutile in Gaming screenshots   
    Playing Skyrim with these mods at 30 + FPS D:
    Looks good tho

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    Albatross got a reaction from MrDynamicMan in How interesting is a site/community where you post unpopular ideas to get unbiased answers?   
    It would be interesting, but it seems like it would be very difficult to maintain.
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    Albatross got a reaction from Nup in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I placed an order for this (also comes with the compendium booklet) from Ebay. I can't wait for it to arrive (and hoping I wasn't scammed).

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    Albatross got a reaction from NumLock21 in Z270 chipset diagram and 7700K+7600K leaked benchmarks   
    @NumLock21 could you spoiler tag some or all of the benchmark images? Super slowed me down when I first opened the thread.
    Anyways, are these results supposed to be godly or something? Because it doesn't look like much of an upgrade at all.
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    Albatross got a reaction from fojtzbyna in Need a poster   
    Why not fix the wall?
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    Albatross reacted to Mooshi in Show off your latest purchase!   
    This lil Schiit.

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    Albatross reacted to Droidbot in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Just ordered my christmas present: an EVGA GTX 1070 SC. 
    Finally, my little 770 gets a rest
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    Albatross reacted to kaiju_wars in Show off your latest purchase!   
    A bunch of Christmas gifts for the family.
    Gears of War 4 on PC (But also came with a copy for Xbox One)
    Xbox One design lab controller: https://xboxdesignlab.xbox.com/en-US/view/0_daf7742c-0ea6-4939-9805-7ce8e23992bc
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    Albatross reacted to Scitesh in Show off your latest purchase!   
    A bunch of games #WinterSales
    Farcry bundle (1-4 1,2,3:Deluxe)
    Just Cause 3 (+Land,air,sea DLC)
    Raise of the Tomb Raider
    Watch Dogs 2 (Free with Zotac 1070 Amp)
    Just Cause 1,2 and 3
    LA Noire (physical disk)
    Civ 5 (Bundle)
    Civ 6
    Deus Ex (Bundle)
    Witcher 1&2
    Witcher 3(GOTY edition)
    Far cry 3 &4
    Hacker Evolution (Bundle)
    Insurgency (4 pack :Shared with friends)
    Left 4 dead (1&2)
    Man my parents are going to be pissed
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    Albatross got a reaction from acturisme in What SINGLE game reminds you of your childhood?   
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    And then TMNT II (the arcade game).
    They were all I mostly played in my youth until I got my hands on the N64 (OoT).
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    Albatross got a reaction from SansVarnic in RIP Trump   
    What a radical jump. Obama's children lived in the White House. Should we assume they're privy to classified information? Trump's children are only on his transitional team and are only ever briefed on potential cabinet picks or what situations they need in order to pick the right people.
    And so far he's done things to show he isn't going to be in it "to be rich", such as giving away his businesses to his children and not accepting the salary (though legally he has to accept something). Your assumptions are baseless and built off MSM manipulations and fearmongering to push a criminal, election rigger or her paid off lackey. Even if he was making money or getting richer, so what? I'm not a Liberal so I don't think man making money is itself a cancer on the planet, but I didn't see you or anyone else complaining when Obama was making craptons of money or spending 72m on vacations and you wouldn't give two turds if it were Bernie or Hillary.  You only seem to care because someone else told you to or because your candidate didn't get in.
    Hillary would have exploited the entire country to make her money. Her past shows she's willing to do that by accepting funds and lavish gifts from terrorist countries and officials who do nothing as their citizens are raped, stoned and hung for who they love, what sex they are, if they were raped, etc etc. A large portion of her campaign funds came from big corporations, foreign people etc.
    And he's already improving the country. He's gotten countries we have had shaky ground with to come forward seeking to make relations stronger (Syria, Russia) which is not a bad thing at all, got Mexico and Canada to agree to renegotiate or even scrap NAFTA, abandon TPP & TTIP, DOW Jones Industrial Stock reaching all-time high, got companies/businesses to bring back or vow to bring back tens of thousands of jobs or to keep them here in the U.S (Carrier etc, feel free to google, though MSM will claim its evil) and he's not even our president yet. I've got reason to have faith in his presidency and so does millions of other people.
  24. Funny
    Albatross reacted to Syntaxvgm in Australian ISP block of pirate sites bypassed seconds after going live.   
    to Australian government and MPAA 
  25. Funny
    Albatross got a reaction from handymanshandle in Australian ISP block of pirate sites bypassed seconds after going live.   
    You ask too much!
    Perfect response. lol