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  1. Yeah, I've had friends over that it has happen to as well. Normally I use a Man of war headset from Razer, I have it around 22-32 in vol during games but I can go as far up to 100 but that would suck so much and hurt. While on soundcloud I got it maxed out while the headset is on 14. This difference happens on every headset and set speakers.
  2. Yes, I got a pile of headsets and a bunch of speakers just collecting dust now.
  3. Hey, I've got one that I have not found a solution to yet. When I play games in general, I get this weird and disturbing sound explosion. Like its about to break my headset. Someone opens fire right next to me and the GLITCH/BUG or whatever it is goes off and brings the sound up to 1500% (I'm trying to paint a picture). And I'll to throw of the headset off. I've tried to reinstall all drivers, every little one there is, reinstalled the OS etc. The only thing that makes this weird explosion go away is while I'm using Voicemeeter Banana, but then I run into the problem
  4. Nope nothing. He is not a enthusiast at all so he dont dare to touch those things, he also got it put together by the people at the store NETONET so its done by people who knows how too. And I don't live very close to him so I cant really get hands on with the PC.
  5. Its a Stationary PC, He was playing CS:GO
  6. Hi! I'm in need of help. Could my fellow PC loving people help me with these error codes/error messages that my friend gets on his pc. Before you mention it, yes I have tried my very best at google and reading up on it but I do just not understand it. Anyways here are the sum of it. What should I do next (what should he do next). Any help is much appreciated but any condescending or derogatory comments should be left out, Thanks !
  7. Im well aware of that iiNNeX. And yes as far as I'm concerned it could be just 150 fps and would not complain about it cuz of my 144Hz monitor. But Im curious as to why better cards has poor performance in csgo.
  8. Hi! I've been trying to figure out why my 1080 is weak in CSGO than that of my friends lower end card. He/them has/had 400-500+ fps while I'm at 250-300. (Diff drivers, FPS_MAX 0, Nvidia control panel stuff, re installment of all sort's of things like game, OS, drivers etc etc, tried it all) I've been googling around for weeks now and found little to no good answer. My rig is a i7-7700k with a AIO on it, Asus ROG STRIX GTX 1080 8GB, Corsair Vengeance DDR4 300MHz 16GB ontop of a Asus Strix Z270F motherboard. And two of my friends just upgrade to basically th