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  1. Please don't do this ha ha. It will be far slower and the heat generated by sustained use might be an issue. I have had them fail when trying to use them this way in the past.
  2. Best buy is the only place to get them in the us. Camp out before a restock? People are still doing that at micro center.
  3. Well, it is a safe a any new os can be. I have been using it since the initial announcement. Since public release I haven't really had any issues. The dev builds were a bit buggy, but that was too be expected.
  4. I think they cycle those periodically. I noticed that on mine after it renewed once all my keys were gone and the machines deactivated a while later.
  5. Must be some sort of special key. One key one machine. Are the ones you originally activated still actually activated? Usually it will deactivate the previous installs after time for retail keys. Anything more than that and you are breaking the licensing terms from Microsoft and can technically be piracy. If you are doing it as a business, you can be in some serious legal trouble.
  6. That looks fine to me. Optimum is a bit subjective. Optimum cooling is always 100%. Silent is a low as you can keep it. Beyond that it is a mix of cooling performance vs how much noise it makes that you will want to tolerate.
  7. This is true. But everyone can grab the iso for it or use the upgrade assistant I believe. And this used to matter because you needed to buy the license for that specific version. This is no longer the case as you pointed out. I think this is just your interpretation of that. When I used to work in the sales side of things, this was just generally when anyone who wanted it could get it. That is the current state that anyone who wants 11 can get it. This is Microsofts biggest failure in my opinion. They do a horrible job with messaging.
  8. That is the release to manufacturer (rtm) date. This date manufacturers can get it but not the public directly. For 11 rtm and general availability are the same date.
  9. That is from the dev channel and Windows update won't change to official release. You will need to download the release iso and do a clean format and install.
  10. That almost looks like a chip out of the top of the die. I assume it isn't flat and you can feel it if you run your finger over it. Does the card still work?
  11. What kind of drive do you have? It also looks like windows defender is running a scan.
  12. That and I just don't see that many people interested in it. I know I am only using it because of a weird use case that I use it to dock and game on my work laptop and then switch to my gaming rig for the weekend (switch connections).
  13. If you have signed in to a Microsoft account when your set up your computer, there is a bitlocker recovery page from Microsoft to get the key you need. If you did not and you don't have the key somewhere, you will need to wipe the drive and do a clean install.
  14. If it doesn't boot in another system that is working correctly the card is probably the problem and sadly it will need to be replaced. Not really something that can be easily fixed without board level diagnostics and component replacement.
  15. Just leave it out of the system for a couple of days and you should be fine. You can take it apart without voiding the warranty if you are in the US and clean the back with just a dry cloth. That fluid is water and glycol I believe so if should not be conductive when dry. I would clean it just to be safe. 91% alcohol still has 9% water so you will really want to make sure it is dry before powering it on again.
  16. No. Their layouts are different enough that it won't work.
  17. If you are talking about 30 series, only the founders cards use the founders pcb. Others can be based on the reference pcb which is different from founders edition pcb for this generation.
  18. Ftpm is what you are looking for. Are you sure the change is being saved? You also need to have boot mode set to uefi (not legacy) and secure boot on.
  19. If you are talking about rasterization performance only a 1080 is roughly the same as a 2070. That was a big complaint is performance of the 20 series was not a big improvement over the 10 series.
  20. Yup. I even have virtual machines to test it with. Upgrading to the full dev builds gives me issues to workaround, just hopefully that won't be the case with these.
  21. It will be fine. Also with 8th gen you have ftpm most likely as part of the processor and just need to enable it in the bios most likely. You shouldn't need to buy a tpm.
  22. I don't think anyone really knows yet and Microsoft is not being forthcoming about the details.
  23. The internet is already losing its collective mind. Don't need to give them any more reasons. Ha ha
  24. I think that is due to something else on his machine. I have used that same method and mine is fine. Lenovo laptop with a 4th gen Intel chip and all 16 gb usable.
  25. Did you reuse the thermal pads and make sure they are all in the correct placement?