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  1. @Nightfall_010 I have been running the dev version on my 6700k (from a clean install not an upgrade) and it has been working well for me so far. Even running it on my original surface book (6600u) and it had been fine. They are not officially supported processors so not sure if they will get updates yet with the final release. If it does, I don't see any issue with running it when it goes live.
  2. They are two different parts. One is measuring temps of the ram of the graphics card and the other is a gpu die temp. High ram temps on the 3090 have been widely discussed and is largely due to chips being on the front and back of the card. Sometimes replacing the thermal pads with better ones (founders cards) have decreased the temps.
  3. I doubt it could be a compatibility thing but stranger things have happened. Are you using the same cables to connect everything? Maybe try using a different cable. I have seen cables cause odd behavior and in one case cause the computer not to boot.
  4. Oh I agree. Not a bad way to do it. I was just trying to say that a clean install is the way to go and get rid of that bloat. Think Linus even ran into those sorts of issues when they did the series on buying machines.
  5. Ah, bloatware strikes again. This is why anytime a get a laptop (I don't buy prebuilt) I do a clean install of Windows and nuke what came with it.
  6. I think they either get you a replacement of the same model or apply a credit of the purchase price to a replacement. My bet is that is the difference in price between your original purchase and the one you selected.
  7. I agree. Running it now on a laptop with a centrino 2 2ghz dual core. Performance is functionally the same as windows 10 and 7.
  8. Since it isn't released yet I don't think there is a plan for this as the way Microsoft will push it is unknown. My bet though, if you aren't using bitlocker drive encryption, you can disable tpm until you want it. Any install attempts would probably not work without it on.
  9. Did you do anything to the card? What are the temps like? Something is wrong that it is pulling down the power hard.
  10. If you haven't turned off fast startup the system never completely shuts down but does hybrid sleep instead. A restart doesn't use that and might have been why that happened that way. I always turn off fast startup on my machines because of weird behavior with windows and sleep.
  11. Oh that's very true. Good catch. Everything I was working on was all on local lan.
  12. The surface line is almost impossible to repair though. Personally I highly recommend the thicker dell precision line. I use them for work and they have been very reliable. And the warranty on those from Dell is pretty good too.
  13. For the most part on the mid range cards the coolers are good enough to tame the heat they produce and water cooling really won't help much or be really worth the investment. Even a cheap loop will be around 500usd.
  14. I did this to my 3090 fe with thermalright odyssey 1.5 pads and made a good difference before I put the water block on.
  15. I have used roaming profiles in the past with good results. May want to look into testing that sort of setup.
  16. Well the titan rtx cost an eye watering 2500 msrp. It wouldn't be that insane for them to do that either.
  17. Yeah can't wait for that 4090 in October 2022. Probably cost 3k msrp at the current rate of things.
  18. I think it is just different expectations under warranty. Consumers want to always have a working product under manufacturer warranty. The warranties clearly state the terms that they either repair or replace the card or issue a refund of purchase price of the first options aren't available. While I know it sucks, it wouldn't be fair the to manufacturer to issue a refund on an old product that isn't being made anymore for more than the purchase price because newer models sell for more that what was originally paid. Their liability is for the price you purchased the product at.
  19. You would have been paying insurance premiums on top of what you paid for the house over time. Insurance isn't a good analog. Maybe companies will start offering an insurance program that you can pay for to make sure you have a card, but I bet they would see a lot of fraud too.
  20. I am not saying they are dropping it on paper. I am saying what will work in actuality. The requirements they put on paper aren't what is truly required to get it running. Right now they aren't enforcing processor generation requirements but tpm and secure boot during install and updating.
  21. Maybe, maybe not. Unless there are more checks added by Microsoft between now and then it will likely work. From my tests they are mainly cutting out machines that don't have tpm and secure boot. But yes, by written support that is accurate written vs actual is always different. Windows 10 don't support processors prior to Intel 5th generation, but they work fine.
  22. I am running the dev releases on my 6700k system no problems. Your chip supports ftpm. You just need to enable it in the bios.
  23. Except they didn't. The last one from them I saw was also just using tb3. If they wanted to add a different connector they would need to come up with their own connector. Pretty sure dell did this. And the cpu they are using would also be able to have enough lanes to support it.
  24. Yeah, they are crazy hot cards. The thermal pad mods help but still are hot. With water cooling now nothing goes above 65c if memory serves me correctly.
  25. That is a hard question to answer but will vary on what exactly your configuration would be. All in, I am at about 800 usd. Can be cheaper or more expensive about what you add. I would suggest looking at the configuration tools from corsair and ek to get a ball park for your specific needs.