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  1. Still have the same issue. Should I reinstall windows?
  2. I've found something on the task scheduler, ''MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineUA'' disabled it, restarted my pc but it still pops up.
  3. So this is really frustrating. I have this problem for a month now and I can't play a game normally because this cmd is interrupting everything for a split second. I managed to capture what it is with my phone, it's ''system32/cscript.exe''. I hope someone can help me!
  4. I wanna update my bios but the question is... what's the best way to do it?
  5. So i got a 2080 ti FE and when i start my pc the fans go wild like 100% for 2-3 seconds. But after i reach windows it goes back to normal. Is this ok? Or should i be worried?
  6. I tried a different cable + port. Still doesn’t work I’ll try it with a different pc
  7. So i just built my new pc and im finally on windows. I go to disk management and i try to initialize my hdd (seagate barracuda). After i click “ok” it shows me that error as you can see from the photo. What should i do?
  8. Unfortunately I can't find the NH-U12S chromax.black in my country (Romania), which is kinda sad
  9. Well im not into aios so im going for air as usual. I have corsair vengeance lpx which is a pretty short ram. As for the case meshify c, td500 mesh or be quiet 500dx (didn’t choose one yet). In terms of looks, im open minded so anything is alright as long as it performs good
  10. I’m looking for a cooler that is not too overkill for 3700x (just want to enable PBO). Any great options? Budget 100$, maybe 150$.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions, i was looking for some myself and i’ve found CM TD500 Mesh and be quiet! Pure Base 500DX. How about them y’all?
  12. I'm looking for a similar case to meshify c because I can't find it anymore in my country I'll appreciate some suggestions and alternatives. I want it to be more airflow focused with a good black design.
  13. So, I finally got the money for a rtx 2080 ti and I don't know if I should wait for the 3080 ti or just buy the 2080 ti now and call it a day? I'll appreciate some thoughts. I'm mainly gaming on 1440p 144hz and do a little bit of video editing.
  14. As for the topic itself, thank you all for the suggestions. I think i'll go air once again!
  15. The prices here are kinda stupid to be honest. The nh-u12s black is 90 euro and the nh-d15 black is about 20 euro more expensive, but the non black is at the same price but i can't stand that brown colour. So yeah... in US for example the prices are much cheaper (an rtx 2080 ti here is about 1500 dollars and in US is probably 1200 dollars). Pretty much crap prices in some cases lol