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  1. I'm a new member (but went total AFK) .-. seems kinda quiet here
  2. Just back online after went total AFK for a year because busy with work and stuff that make me total forget about this community .-. 

    And also away from PC stuff (except for work and light gaming), more to outside activity involve with long range ride.

    Since the lockdown because of covid-19 stuff, can't go out and I decide to back on PC stuff and watch everything I miss.

    Now I may back on active on this forums once again :D

  3. Hi guys For last month since early year, my laptop won't turn on from wake up after I use at least 1 hours I put it on sleep. When I about to use, open my laptop screen it won't wake up at all. Even I tried to put it plug in power brick it still won't turn on -_-' I dunno what's going on, there got problem by software, power management, battery or something ._. every time in battery usage always happen and didn't turn on. I still wonder what happen, I open back cover screw and remove the cover of my laptop to reach it battery, I pull out the battery power source an
  4. iOS 10 surely fast, when come to iOS11 is kinda buggy at the first, and later update by update seems fine enough. I hope iOS 12 will be much better. I know every battery on each device may degrade soon by its lifecycle, and no electronic thingy will last forever. I may stick with my iPhone 7, not gonna switch any since everything is good enough for me. not too big, not too small, just good enough for long term usage.
  5. Yup still compatible from SATA on PCIe (mostly currently most of user use NVMe). But be sure need to check the slot pin connector. I guess this video from Techquikie title: M.2 As Fast As Possible might help (watch on minute 3:30)
  6. Not really noticeable performance drop on iPhone 7 after 1 year of use, and after the update patch too. Better get a new update or the attack will destroy user device later. somehow those both vulnerable meltdown and spectre really scary.
  7. Every year there always got new high-end model release, or affordable model release each 2-4 months. So you may choose which one is really reliable for long term use without need to change every year
  8. LTT also have Anime thread /o/ Tech Heaven + Anime Heaven *Kinda new here :'D
  9. Mostly only affect to some iOS user. And another thing is, meltdown and spectre seems quiet serious enough to affect some device thought. Kinder scare enough if those vulnerable may affect into bootloop too ._.
  10. Welp there're no any virtual software relate I currently use. So I may disable it, and Enable it only if I need to. Thank you
  11. Most of every processor Intel and AMD has a Virtualization if you check on Task Manager > Performance. I wonder those feature just let it turn ENABLE or DISABLE. There're anything will impact on performance? So far Virtualization is common use for if user want to create another virtual PC only with single processor that currently use by original PC. So how about you guys, got any advice for this feature?
  12. since 960 EVO is NVMe type, it need to download the NVMe firmware in order to make it bootable drive for m.2 and it will appear in the BIOS as a bootable drive. If not it will not appear in BIOS
  13. Sounds true after I check the SSD price drop a bit for this year, but not much ._. yup 500GB might be good enough. But.... yeah I should consider the price first. Yup mostly I put work and stuff in HDD storage. 1TB SSD might be pricy overkill for now, and it's true not worth for just storage performance instead of durability. So far.... I will use those HDD till it dead or not functioning properly and do replace those storage if definitely needed. I might re-use those HDD again as a USB storage. (if it still functioning and might be slow af xD) I guess 500GB might be good. whil
  14. I currently using my laptop was originally got SATA3 1TB of HDD after I buy 4 month ago, which is my OS already install on that HDD. And there got 1 slot specially for m.2 SSD, I decide to upgrade with m.2 NVMe Samsung EVO960 250GB. So far my laptop work incredibly fast more likely I had nothing to upgrade anymore. Another thing is: Should I upgrade (replacing) existing 1TB HDD to SATA3 SSD? Mostly my work or other stuff I store in that HDD, and it take quiet sometimes to open when I was in limited time tight schedule or more like *I REALLY FREAKING NEED IT NOW!!!
  15. Hi everyone I'm new here and starting joining this LTT forums after I found really good info about building the PC and really interesting after watching Channel Super Fun.