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    dimitriianghelov reacted to AshleyAshes in Denuvo has been successfully cracked   
    They'll make it better the next time.  These games have been out for a while and Denuvo has successfully pushed off piracy well past the most profitable early months after a release.
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to deviant88 in Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!   
    All you need to know DONT INSTALL THAT SHIT, use linux win7/8.1.
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to zMeul in Nvidia Titan XP has same FP64 and FP16 performance as GTX 1080   
    you're just now realizing it? I think it was alll over Anand since the reveal
    Titan X isn't a workstation product, it's high end consumer - it'sa GTX for god's sake
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to marldorthegreat in Nvidia Titan XP has same FP64 and FP16 performance as GTX 1080   
    Shame, $1200 for a gaming card that performs in compute tasks as well as the gtx 1080.
     Technical shit  Nvidia Titan X GTX 1080 GTX 1070 GPU Architecture Pascal Pascal Pascal   Process node 16nm 16nm 16nm   SP FP Performance 11 TFLOPs 9 TFLOPs 6.5 TFLOPs   CUDA Core Count 3584 2560 1920    VRAM Type GDDR5X GDDR5X  GDDR5    VRAM Cappacity 12GB 8GB  8GB    Memory Bus Size 384-bit 256-bit  256-bit    Memory Bandwidth 480 GB/s 320 GB/s  256 GB/s    Base clock speed 1417MHz 1607MHz  1506Mhz    Boost clock speed 1531MHz 1733MHz  1683MHz    TDP 250W 180W  150W    Power Connection 1x 8-pin 1x 6-pin 1x 8-pin  1x8-pin    PCI Express  PCIe 3.0 PCIe 3.0  PCIe 3.0    Sauce: 
    What I think: 
    They have just made a gaming focused GPU, and charged $1200. So the nvidia fanboys cannot defend this card. It is an overpriced gaming card. For double the cost of the gtx 1080, you get ~%30 more performance. 
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to PlayStation 2 in Nvidia Titan XP has same FP64 and FP16 performance as GTX 1080   
    well this is shaping up to be a disappointment
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in Tim Sweeney believes that Microsoft will harm Steam with Windows 10 updates   
    i think dude forgot to take his pills , he sounds crazy , especially considering that MS said they might release games on Steam, if anything Steam should clean it's shit (gambling) to make a proper market for PC games
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from Misanthrope in More bad news - shots fired in Munich shopping centre, suicide bombing outside Ansbach café   
    you mean the religion of peace?
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to Volbet in Youtubers   
    If I were able to correctly calculate the chance of a terrorist attack I would be much richer than I am.
    My best guess is that the chance is the same as the chance as with any large crowd of people. Almost 0%. 
    Large groups of people gather every day and a terrorist attack rarely happens. 
    And if a terrorist were to attack New York City it wouldn't be at a show thrown by a YouTuber. 
    An attack on a filled sports stadium would be much more effective.
  9. Funny
    dimitriianghelov reacted to theninja35 in Why the hate about Trump?   
    He's incredibly insensitive to other people and their thoughts. He's been racist and sexist far too many times. He wants to build a wall that will cost billions upon billions of dollars to build, but will be incredibly easy to cross with an object known as a "ladder". 
    I'm not saying he's worse than Ms. Liar over here, but he's pretty terrible.
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from mrchow19910319 in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Reviews + Benchmarks   
    tiny part that gives rx 480 20-30% in Doom over gtx 1060
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from don_svetlio in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Reviews + Benchmarks   
    tiny part that gives rx 480 20-30% in Doom over gtx 1060
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to elfensky in Star Citizen Refunds Pledge   
    To be fair, as far as I'm aware the actual original kickstarter goal, which was the single-player game ONLY, is slowly nearing completions and has a lot of features actually implemented. I feel a lot of people forget that the original game pitch and goal was the SINGLE PLAYER game, not the MMO every seems to be excited about.
    What we have access to right now is the online module, that while also important, is to be completed AFTER the first single player chapter.
    *insert shameless plug to use my referral code to create a SC account*
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to BuckGup in Teen hit by car playing pokemon go. Parent Blames the game   
    Yeah she deserved it
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to Beskamir in Teen hit by car playing pokemon go. Parent Blames the game   
    Glad to see natural selection is still around.
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to TheMidnightNarwhal in First ever use of killer robots during Dallas Tragedy   
    No, RIP eod bot :,(

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    dimitriianghelov reacted to manikyath in CSGO Youtubers promote CSGO gambling website without disclosure   
    you know, i feel like this is gonna reach a point where gaben is gonna hop on stage, tell everyone cs:go skins can no longer be traded for money outside of steam for reasons we all know by now, drop the mic, and walk back off stage.
  17. Agree
    dimitriianghelov reacted to elfensky in Valve being sued over CS:GO Gambling.   
    Update the main post with this update
    TLDR a lot of the popular CSGO Gambling youtubers actually OWN the websites they gamble on.
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to AluminiumTech in Are you tired of the miserable 30fps on Consoles? Cos the next PS4K and Xbox Scorpio will still be 30fps....   
    The Xbox One and PS4 are consoles which generally target 30fps at anywhere from 720p to 1080p. So it with great dissatisfaction that the next gen consoles (Xbox Scorpio and PS4K) will remain at 30 frame per second BUT will increase graphical fidelity to 4K.
    This is what Phil Spencer had to say:
    So basically, you'll get the same performance and graphics quality except the new resolution....... What a joke.......

    Who would upgrade to a new console just cos it supports 4K @ 30fps gaming? That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.  If you're gonna make new consoles then make them 1440p 60fps consoles or 1080 60fps. No lowly 30fps......
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to AlwaysFSX in KFC animal abuse   
    Delicious, delicious murder.

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    dimitriianghelov reacted to glitchmaster0001 in New Xbox: 4k Capable and VR Ready (Project Scorpio)   
    unless people manage to put 2 gtx 1080s and i7 6700k performance in that little box then maybe but i doubt it 
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to Morgan MLGman in GTX 970 or Radeon RX 480?   
    Wait. 970 is not worth getting.
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    dimitriianghelov reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Microsoft Hits a New Low - Pressing Close Will Now Install Windows 10   
    X gonna give it to ya..

    #Cuethemusic #DMX
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from jollander in Finnish Government calls out Microsoft for breaking promises for Nokia deal   
    Nokia hasn't been relevant since 2004 , not surprising at all that they get gutted
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    dimitriianghelov got a reaction from don_svetlio in AMD’s 7th Generation APU specifications leaked – 50% faster than Kaveri   
    pretty much my brother got himself a intel + nvidia 300 $ notebook (even though i told him repeatedly to not buy it)and was complaining that he can't play empire total war because it overheats
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