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    2x 8gb Kingston @2030Mhz
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  1. There is no room for feelings when conducting a business I'm so disappointed that they gave in to John Bain public blackmail . G2A got so big that being on their front page would be better than on steam front page because of all the crap that you get on steam front page. I also don't get people's desire to keep steam monopoly on the market . People like John Bain will never understand why people use g2a because when you make so much money a year you don't worry about your monthly rent or bills . You can't even sell your game when you done with it , I don't see people caring that
  2. i think dude forgot to take his pills , he sounds crazy , especially considering that MS said they might release games on Steam, if anything Steam should clean it's shit (gambling) to make a proper market for PC games
  3. so true : raids on villages for rape and goods would have never happened ,Roman Empire would have never existed, the ottoman empire would have never existed, german reich would have never existed, soviet union would have never existed, also communism wouldn't have persecuted people, because we all know that everyone in the opposition was a religious person because you know every single war was because of religion
  4. i love what they are doing , but i can't say that the people protecting their work are doing a "bad" thing either, also i love the salt from people not being able to pirate a game
  5. tiny part that gives rx 480 20-30% in Doom over gtx 1060
  6. not even 10% doesn't look like a good dx12 implementation , jumping the gun early like many shitty devs to promote that are doing dx 12 benchmarks first
  7. if they actually had , this wouldn't have reached 4 years later when there is a lawsuit at their door .
  8. full damage control , a bit too late , their whole business is based on gambling
  9. the OC 970 getting it's ass kicked by reference rx 480, it looks like the dx12/vulkan is really gonna help Amd on the long run