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    USm (United States of 'murica)
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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3
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    2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 MHz
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    MSI Gaming X GTX 1080
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    Meshify C - Dark TG
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    Crucial MX500 500GB SSD, Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 3TB HDD
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    EVGA G1+ 650W
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    27" MSI Optix MAG27CQ LED Monitor [144Hz 1440p 1ms (MPRT)]
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    2x Fractal Design Dynamic GP-12 120mm fans
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    GMMK TKL Rev2
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    SHP9500, 1More Triple Drivers, FiiO K1 DAC/AMP
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    Winblows 10
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  1. I know. They're a perfectly reasonable option, I was just curious about an alternative, now I know there isn't one.
  2. Good to know. Yes, there are curves for certain power supplies, so this could be used if you could measure wattage accurately. But since you can't, seems like that's out of the question. That's an easy answer, didn't know about those. That just seemed like a simple way to determine whether or not I'd need to budget for a new power supply if the requirements are close before actually getting all the parts installed and having crashes. Seems simpler to just plan on always having ample headroom, though.
  3. Technically, but if a wattage meter pings say every 2 seconds, that's more than sufficient for determining an average system load ±10 watts in my estimation. I just want to estimate (key word estimate) my current system load to compare to the listed hardware TDP to then make that comparison to the TDP of parts I'd like to buy. This way, I get a more realistic estimate of how TDP stacks up to real use-case power consumption.
  4. Definitely by the components, or in other words, how much my power supply is generating when my components are being mostly fully utilized. Though it seems the solution would be to measure wall wattage and multiply that by the efficiency of the power supply.
  5. I'll consider that on that end. I suppose I could use that stat and factor in the theoretical efficiency of my power supply to calculate my system's power usage. That's not really what I'm looking for, because under a consistent load/benchmark, I don't need a second to second analysis. Would just like to know on average how much power my PSU is converting in a scenario where my hardware is under a heavy load
  6. Before considering new parts to put in my system, I'd like to know my current power consumption. I know I can find the estimated consumption for a given CPU or graphics card, but is there a program available that shows current wattage in or wattage used? Thanks in advance.
  7. Weird, because when I have custom curve on and auto off, it doesn't follow my custom curve, which seems wrong...
  8. With a custom fan curve enabled in afterburner, you enable it by activating the gear icon in the screenshot below on the left side of the fan speed meter. You can also turn on auto fans on the right side. What does turning auto on/off do when the custom curve is enabled? Does it just have no effect or does enabling it enable the custom curve or vice versa? Simple question, thanks in advance for feedback.
  9. Where'd you get those? That's probably what I'll do if it happens and warranty is a hassle.
  10. @Oswin Hard to say what you mean by new, as I see threads discussing fixes for this problem as recent as a year ago. Do you just mean 502 and 903? I've never had the problem on 502, and can't seem to find any differentiation for models of a "newer" 903, but I may just not know what to look for. At any rate, given the prices and the 2 year warranty and the time frame of the problem, I may just take my chances on the 900 given how much cheaper I can get the product versus a 903.
  11. Apparently it's also a 903 and 502 problem, and while it has gotten a lot of publicity, I've looked at quite a few reviews that have owned the product for that period of time and haven't had the issue and also seen plenty of threads with reliable fixes for the issue and also evidence that the warranty works just fine for the product. Given that I have a spare mouse as well, that wouldn't be an issue for me either. I'll look some more, if worse comes to worse, I may stick with what I've got or go with a 604, but no product is perfect. Even my 502 has a broken middle click after a few years, but
  12. @Hackerman25 Looks like G900 too now that I look closer, might go for that.
  13. I have one that's broken and need a new mouse, but hate the form factor. However, after using the scroll wheel for so long, I can't do without the free scroll but can't seem to find other options that have it even in Logitech's lineup. I'd love to get a GPro/305, but there aren't options with the scroll wheel I'm looking for. If anyone can provide any other options with this feature or confirm that there aren't any, that would be great. Thanks in advance.