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    Krazes reacted to Stahlmann in Advice to upgrade PC please   
    Wait until the independent reviews are out and then decide. Don't buy a new CPU or make a decision just on the marketing of AMD.
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    Krazes reacted to Jedibrysen in Should I sell my 2080 or wait   
    Lol ūüėā¬†
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    Krazes reacted to kelvinhall05 in Recommend me a laptop   
    Still the same.
  4. Informative
    Krazes reacted to kelvinhall05 in Recommend me a laptop   
    Used Thinkpad.
  5. Informative
    Krazes reacted to dizmo in Recommend me a laptop   
    Do you use a CD drive that often that you'd really need it built in?
    I agree with @kelvinhall05 a used ThinkPad would be an excellent choice. Then add your own RAM and SSD and you're set.
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    Krazes reacted to Canada EH in Suggest me a watch   
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    Krazes reacted to Slottr in Recommend new earphones   
    The wings come in various sizes 
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    Krazes got a reaction from germgoatz in Recommend some earphones?   
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    Krazes got a reaction from suchamoneypit in Is this trustworthy?   
    Wonda Mobile got a lot of good reviews from Trust Pilot and I checked reliable sources like Reddit and the customers claimed that it's legit I think I'm going to purchase from them, you can get a pre-installed glass protector + magnetic case and I think the deal is worth it. They also have some service guarantees. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from Airdragonz in New phone suggestions   
    OnePlus 6 definitely, the battery capacity is pretty good and the rear camera is okay. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from jefire411 in New phone suggestions   
    OnePlus 6 definitely, the battery capacity is pretty good and the rear camera is okay. 
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    Krazes reacted to xAcid9 in What song is this   
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    Krazes reacted to colonel_mortis in Devs required   
    You already have a topic for this. Please don't create multiple topics for the same thing, especially as this arguably constitutes advertising and certainly won't help other members to gain knowledge about programming. Furthermore, please don't needlessly bump topics.
    Topic locked, the LTT forum probably won't be able to satisfy your need for a developer.
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    Krazes got a reaction from Aleks NE in Recommend me a phone under ¬£500   
    I'm considering the OnePlus 6. 
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    Krazes reacted to Codey2k in What keyboard to get?   
    That's a little out of the budget and it's not possible for me to extend my budget and I need a keyboard urgently. But thanks for the suggestion!
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    Krazes reacted to IIITheFumblerIII in Pubg weird lag caused by Spotify   
    Hi there
    So, here's the deal, Pubg runs fine, no issue.
    But as soon as I boot up spotify for some nice beats my Pubg menu and loading times freak out.
    The menu will run at 1 - 2 FPS and the loading takes ages to finish.
    This will continue until I do a complete pc restart even if I end the process tree for both Spotify and Spotify Webplayer/helper (I forgot what it's called).
    Now this has been going on for months and the Pubg help is worthless and so are their forums.
    If any of you had this issue or know of a fix that'd be great.
    Pubg is on my SSD, Spotify on my HDD
    2x GTX 970 not overclocked
    16 gb RAM
    Win 7
    Cheers lads
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    Krazes got a reaction from noot in best games for pc   
    I'd say Dying Light, Rainbow six siege, CSGO, Overwatch, Subnautica, Hello Neighbor, X-plane 11 if you're into realistic flight simulators and Euro Truck Simulator 2. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from DimasRMDO in Shadow of the tomb raider   
    Is anyone looking forward to Shadow of the tomb raider?
    Rise of the tomb raider was amazing, the graphics though.. spot on. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from WereCat in Shadow of the tomb raider   
    Is anyone looking forward to Shadow of the tomb raider?
    Rise of the tomb raider was amazing, the graphics though.. spot on. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in Sell price   
    £400 at the maximum. 
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    Krazes got a reaction from MattTechGuy in Sell price   
    £400 at the maximum. 
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    Krazes reacted to AT0MAC in (build log) Killer Panda PC - Z370 X Code   
    Update as of 21/6:

    Starting to build up the new thread for the system to compare this against, the older brother to the Killer Panda. Go check it out here
    24/5-18 13:19 (sorry for the delay) FINISHED PICTURES, LETS REVEL THIS PANDA!

    A big thanks for everyone showing an interest in this build, it's been a long journey and it does not stop here, I'm still not done with the closet to put it in or the new desk setup, so will do some little updates as that comes along to.
    But the main attraction is done:

    It's a really really tight fit to make everything I wanted possible in this case, but I did it!

    Bonus beauty shot:

    My re-made GPU cooler and active m.2 cooler is both working like a dream

    That slim 15mm fan was a really good idea, on top of a AquaComputer Kryo M2

    Everything from my extended PSU mount, to my external EPS cables and my tons of fans are blending in pretty neatly IMO.

    If I had not made a long build log about it, then you would probably not have a clue about all the work I have gone trough, I have exchanged every screw and pop rivet in the case, painted, put vinyl, drilled and more on all surfaces.

    It was already a very rare and unique case to begin with, now even more so.

    And now, the killer panda!

    The really strong sunlight played monkey tricks on me, it is red and black, not orange, will try and get better pictures indoors another day.


    Desktop update!
    This is the front logo seen from indoor light, more like how it looks in real life.
    The black aluminum and black vinyl is almost the same tone, so it's only in very specific angles and light conditions that the panda is visible, it's a shy animal.

    The closet setup at the spot it was intended to be right from the start.
    You can also kind of see the 3x ML140 Pro white light fans there suck air up to the upper compartment, where the other 2x ML140 fans are placed on the inside of the air ducts - with the help of the 2x ML120 inside the ducts to draw the hot air out.
    Works better than I could have hoped for actually, at idle the CPU is staying around 40C with a very warm room temp of 27C because of summer.

    Tried to take pictures so you can see the helping mirrors, they are mostly for a purpose other than *bling*, but actually they are more useful when the system it not finally installed and the system can be pushed around a little, as I can way better look behind it and inside it, to see if everything is installed the way I intended it.
    Remember, it is a closet after all, there is really limited space and I have to stand on something to reach there, so to get all the help I can i.e. to plug in a cable behind, that is a huge bonus.

    Speaking of mirrors, I did the same behind my big a$$ monitor.

    Here it's slightly easier to show you what the purpose is.
    I can see the inputs!

    Looks like this from the front, the "bubble" at the end of the table is my brand new Hue Go lamp that I just picked up, am charging it now to play around with tomorrow.

    Same setup looks something like this at brighter light.
    Sorry for the colors, my camera and indoor light is not the best combo so tried to compensate in post process and ended up at this.

    From another angle


    If you wonder why I have 2 keyboards, then the wireless Logitech one is connected to 2 machines below the table, where I'm also hiding my music DAC I use for well yea, music, and right now my surround headset is plugged into one of the machines, my "Mini3" i3 based tiny magnetized PC that can carry it's own weight under one of the desk shelves.
    The other one is an even lower powered Linux machine only used to browse the web on, if I don't need any power for anything extra, build both of them out of scrap parts I had laying around from other builds that are worth too little to sell but are too good to throw away.

    I'm trying to keep it pretty clean with no visible cables under the desk, mainly because my son loves to stay under there when I play games, so he can watch a movie or sleep.
    Stay tuned if interested in a last update about the numbers of this PC, all the specs and benchmarks. Cheers m8
    I have for now the better part of 3 months been trying to plan out what to do to re-build my gaming PC.
    It's about time to start logging it as work is now underway.

    As of 20/5-2018 I can now foresee the future and put a deadline on the build:
    The Big Reveal
    Deadline Thursday 24th of May at 12:00 midday (GMT+1) Danish Time (I'm from Denmark)
    I am still not sponsored by anyone, or have anyone help with building it, it's all my own doing and there is a ton of parts, so assembly is not super quick, sorry.
    More than 16.000 people have seen the 4 threads there is showing of this work:
    Linus Tech Tips

    Back to the original program....

    A little story first, I build my first PC when I was 10, so I have 20+ years of hobby experience in building and using computers.
    I'm not a IT pro by any means, I work in a total different area of expertise as my daily job.
    I currently have 7 desktops and 3 laptops, all purpose builds for the tasks they need to do. This one is my primary PC, my gaming PC.
    I reside in Denmark, northern Europe, and here specialized hardware like the things I would like to use, usually cost more than other places and is hugely difficult to get your hands on, so I might not use the exact same components as you would, because I can't get them here or can't afford them.
    Because of that last fact, keep in mind I don't speak English natively, but it does help me I have lived in multiple countries and have a African wife who I'm speaking English with daily.
    This is not going to be a quick build, I do have a family with two little kids and a lot of things to attend to.
    The panda is my favorite animal, its starting to be quite rare, its usually calm and its neutral colored - that's going to be a bit of a theme here for this build, not overly much but a bit.
    Lets get on with it!
    The build so far looks like this, a full on mess, as parts are starting to get chosen, ordered and delivered.

    As you can kind of see in the picture, the PC is inside a closet, as I really hate noise and I want it locked away when I'm not home in case of theft (I have one time had a break in and now since then fortified my house, as I don't even want to tempt a thief ever again).
    It looks a bit like this:

    I'm an Sketchup addict, I admit that. So for months I have tried to plan out the build by spending many many hours drawing up parts.
    Now I have kind of given up and just order the things I know I want and hopefully my idea will come to life.

    This is the only parts im perfectly sure of how to fit in my case, the CPU block, the radiator, fans, motherboard and gpu. The rest will be figured out as they arrive.

    The parts as of now:
    Asus Maximus Code X Z370 motherboard Intel i5 8600K Der8auer Advanced Edition CPU 16 (2x8) GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2400MHz CL10 RAM Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 1070 graphics card Corsair Force MP500 120GB NVME SSD for boot 500 GB backup HDD for live recovery drive (in case I tinker too much and something wacks up) 1TB WD Black for games, 2,5inch drive (because its way quieter than the 3,5inch version and still really awesome) Corsair ML120 120mm fans (right now its a pair of 140 on my prolimatech cooler, but will of course be removed when I have the CPU block, I have a tower of Corsair ML fans laying around). Phanteks 120mm Halos Lux fan frames HW Labs Nemesis GTS 240 white radiator (not installed yet) EVGA SuperNova G2 750watt Gold PSU Koolance 702 coolant (not installed yet)
      All sorts of wire extensions to make it pretty. A panda sticker A blood spatter sticker Bamboo tape
    When I assembled it as of now in the temporary state, it hit pcpartpicker:
    I have a pump, top and housing on the way in the mail from UK and a Alphacool reservoir from Germany also on the way.
    Fittings to be determined, same as tubes, block I want a heatkiller IV Pro but have not ordered it yet.
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    Krazes reacted to Headless-Rea in [Build Log] White Build (Names are welcome)   
    Just wanted to share my build. Idea's, Criticism and Suggestions are welcome. Pic and Specs below
    CPU i3 8350k @ 5.1Ghz Motherboard Asus Z370 Prime RAM HyperX 2x4Gb DDR4 2133Mhz GPU MSI Aero 1050 Case Phanteks P400S (White) Storage Seagate 1TB HDD & Crucial 240Gb SSD PSU Corsair CX650M Display(s) LG 25UM58P Cooling Cooler Master ML240L RGB Keyboard Corsair K95 Platinum Mouse Corsair M65 Pro Sound Corsair Void RGB Wireless Operating System Windows 10 (Insiders) PCPartPicker URL https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/sG9XRJ
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    Krazes reacted to EPENEX in Identify this background music...   
    I remember this being one of the "current mainstream songs" that I actually enjoyed.
  25. Informative
    Krazes got a reaction from Beef Boss in Teen Air Cadet   
    Has anyone been to the UK Air Cadet?