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  1. The video RTX 3090 8K Gaming - FIRST in the WORLD, has actually made me loose trust in your productions, I am just a random guy in the internet so you won´t care, why should you? You already have the sponsors, people from this forum hopefully know better than just to believe "8k gamming is real". It saddens me to say I will no longer be a subscriber and when family or friends ask for advice you guys will no longer be an option within my recommendations. Well, this sucks...
  2. I have felt the same pain, I did try to go full AMD in my current system, but AMD GPUs are really to much work.
  3. I feel so fortunate that an intellectual giant like yourself would deign to open my eyes, all bow to AMD fanboy here.
  4. So, If I already bought a video card 5 months ago, I should buy another one to get 7 frames per second more just because it is cheaper? NO, if they wanted to be even considered by clients like me they should have release it at the same time as the 1060. In addition to that the experience with AMD GPUs is subpar to Nvidea's, I am a normy, I had to learn about undervolting, getting the drivers to install without the crappy Adrenalin software that does not hold the settings no matter what I did, I had to learn how to use afterburner and Kumbostor and to troubleshoot afterburner because the fan se
  5. The RX580 was and is NOT better than the 1060-6GB, they are very similar, pretty much a tie, AMD release date was way after Nvidea's, people had been using the Nvidia card for months before AMD had even release theirs, there is no reason to buy a new card that may be cheaper if you have already something with basically the same performance that has been working for months. No one will spend money for the same performance just because it is cheaper if you already have it, is like buying a plain ticket, you get from a to b right now, or you do the same trip months later for a bit cheaper, some w
  6. There is a point when you see this SLI things, and you think, what a waist, the only thing more impressive is how dumb the SLI ideas is.
  7. AMD has to be the better option if they wan to compete, if the best they can do is make Nvida better, then there is no reason for us to consider them.
  8. I am getting my 3080 day one as well.
  9. First, let me share a bit of my most recent journey, slowly but surely I have upgraded my hardware, the full pack, M.2, 32 Gigs of RAM, Ryzen 3800x, 80+ Titanium Power supply, you feel me. I had a GTX 1060 for ages, I have not found anything better to record than Nvidia's Shadow play, nothing is as stable, but then I went to upgrade for AMD's 5700XT, flickering gameplay, Adrenalin not keeping your settings, it was a long process to finally getting it just right. It works but the experience has been less than pleasant. Little extras that will have a value for me like R
  10. Hey fellow enthusiast! I have seen the video below several times, I have been inspired and I will go for it, if you are so kind as of to share with me: Model and brand for a Bounding device to connect 3 ISP connections, if not posible Please share with me the Model and brand for the divise used to connect 2 services. Finally a recommended router (edit): after the 1st comment I thought I should throw this in. I will prefer not have to use an extra service like speedify If you want to help a noob by going the extra mile, a switch for a home ne