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  1. lol now what is the difference ? I read Paged pool is amount of kernel and device driver memory that CAN spill over from physical memory into the slow page file (source). Nonpaged pool is the amount of kernel and device driver memory that must stay in physical memory. This type of memory cannot be offloaded onto the disk. paged pool is the shared ?
  2. Where to read the amount of shared memory ? I have AMD mother and GPU
  3. Does Radeon software show if resizable bar enabled ? where ?
  4. I am looking for good wireless over the ear headphone for budget of $50 any recommendation ?
  5. thanks guys I was comparing between mine https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/27--chg70-gaming-monitor-with-quantum-dot-lc27hg70qqnxza/#specs and TUF Gaming VG27WQ
  6. And is it worth upgrading from HDR10 to HDR400 ?
  7. upgrading from 5700 I am in Egypt. hoping to sell the 5700 and get 6800
  8. What is the recommended psu for 6800 card ? also it has two 8 pins so I can connect one cable from the psu with two branches or I must use separate 8 pins cables for each socket ?
  9. should I look into Full hd or it does not matter ?
  10. There are free satellite TV services in Egypt but I can buy from US. so I get any full hd one ? do you know a good brand ?
  11. I have 2K monitor I dont use and I want to convert it into TV , I fond many HD satellite receivers are these suitable or should I look for something 4K ? please suggest one from amazon.com with low price. Thanks
  12. 3D Game modeling. budget open in moderate level because I will sell the old hardware so I will have some money.
  13. I have 3800x CPU and 5700 GPU , I want to ask if it worthy to upgrade to 5800x or better upgrade my GPU ? I am moderate gamer, I use Unreal, Unity 3D and coding apps like visual studio. Thinking to learn 3D modeling too. Thanks
  14. When I ran the CTR I get message: Recommended to increase CPU LLC So I go to the bios and I find that CPU LLC has levels from 1 to 5. I learned from the net that LLC help reduce voltage spikes between load and idle ? so is it dangerous to to choose any of these levels 1 - 5 to get better results ?
  15. Hi I want to ask if OC with ClockTuner for Ryzen degrade the CPU ?
  16. I read it and I did not understand it fully. Can you explain in simple words please if you have time ?
  17. I dont how to make it work, I press on start button then do what ?
  18. I am using Logitech Z906 speakers with my computer sound card "sound blaster z" and I use optical connection however after short playing any audio the decode led turn off and sound as well turn off !! to turn it on again I have to open sound blaster control panel software and select either dolby digital or dts . Is there a fix to this problem ?
  19. Please recommend me gaming chair from MSI or Thermaltake because these two brands are only available to me, also I want to ask to get leather or fabric ?
  20. Is there any way to use madvr with online streaming like from netflix ? madvr is really cool.
  21. I have DA 2013 like you but I use it with palm grip