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    Asus x570 Tuf + Wifi
  • RAM
    32 GB RAM G.SKILL 3200
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 5700
  • Case
    Thermaltake view 28
  • Storage
    Intel 660p
  • PSU
    Corsair 750 RM
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 2K, VA @144Hz - Asus IPS 2K @60Hz
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    Noctua 14US
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. upgrading from 5700 I am in Egypt. hoping to sell the 5700 and get 6800
  2. What is the recommended psu for 6800 card ? also it has two 8 pins so I can connect one cable from the psu with two branches or I must use separate 8 pins cables for each socket ?
  3. should I look into Full hd or it does not matter ?
  4. There are free satellite TV services in Egypt but I can buy from US. so I get any full hd one ? do you know a good brand ?
  5. I have 2K monitor I dont use and I want to convert it into TV , I fond many HD satellite receivers are these suitable or should I look for something 4K ? please suggest one from amazon.com with low price. Thanks
  6. 3D Game modeling. budget open in moderate level because I will sell the old hardware so I will have some money.
  7. I have 3800x CPU and 5700 GPU , I want to ask if it worthy to upgrade to 5800x or better upgrade my GPU ? I am moderate gamer, I use Unreal, Unity 3D and coding apps like visual studio. Thinking to learn 3D modeling too. Thanks
  8. When I ran the CTR I get message: Recommended to increase CPU LLC So I go to the bios and I find that CPU LLC has levels from 1 to 5. I learned from the net that LLC help reduce voltage spikes between load and idle ? so is it dangerous to to choose any of these levels 1 - 5 to get better results ?
  9. Hi I want to ask if OC with ClockTuner for Ryzen degrade the CPU ?
  10. I read it and I did not understand it fully. Can you explain in simple words please if you have time ?
  11. I dont how to make it work, I press on start button then do what ?
  12. I am using Logitech Z906 speakers with my computer sound card "sound blaster z" and I use optical connection however after short playing any audio the decode led turn off and sound as well turn off !! to turn it on again I have to open sound blaster control panel software and select either dolby digital or dts . Is there a fix to this problem ?