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  1. Agree
    nothans reacted to TetraSky in Fractal Design Announces IPO Plans   
    I personally have no interest in owning Fractal stocks.
    Their current market is quite limited in scope, mostly aimed at individual system builders and while they are usually quality products, I don't expect them to stay profitable forever unless they get a few deals with a bunch of SI.
    Now if they did other stuff, like RAM, peripherals and what not... Encroach on Corsair's playing field... well who knows. But lets just say I don't often see fractal products be recommended on Build lists, except maybe a case.
  2. Like
    nothans reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in US Considering Banning TikTok   
    so wait hold up, they wanna ban chinese apps because of data concerns, but they also want a law that bans the use of encryption? or at least gives them a backdoor into anything? hold up. 
  3. Informative
    nothans reacted to huilun02 in AMD Zen 3 (Vermeer) Could be on TSMC 5nm+   
    Disclaimer: This is based on an article not published by AMD or TSMC and the information has not been confirmed by either company. This is considered rumor.
    Taiwanese DigiTimes recently published an article claiming that AMD's next series of desktop processors (Vermeer) based on Zen 3 architechture, would be on TSMC's new 5nm+ process. They say TSMC is accelerating its enhanced 5nm process to mass production in 4Q 2020. AMD has previously published its Zen roadmap which had Zen 3 planned to be using TSMC 7nm+ process. They had also stated that Zen 3 would see IPC uplift of 15%, although this is likely to change if the swap to the new process node is true.
    Important to note that this information goes against all the information AMD has officially released to date.
    The post Zen 2 roadmap published by AMD:

    Ryzen 4000 is slated to be unveiled later this year. According to TSMC 5nm+ mass production schedule, the new processors is expected to launch at end of year, or at CES in Jan 2021.
    Based on a supposed translation of the DigiTimes article (uncut):
    Well if this true, would leave Intel in the dust... 
    14nm anyone? 😅
    Source 1: Guru3d (Roadmap, some extra bit about new CCX design)
    Source 2: Techarp.com (translation of Digitimes article)
    Source 3: Digitimes (original article) (requires subscription to view)
  4. Agree
    nothans reacted to AshRiver in YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that insult China’s Communist Party   

    Uh oh. Youtube now is going aggressive mode protect CCP? Did CCP pay Youtube a lot of $ to do this? I don't believe this is an error at all. If La Chinese language no work then it is time to use La French language! 
  5. Agree
    nothans reacted to Arika S in Australia 'records fastest internet speed ever' - 44.2Tbps   
    This is what happens when you don't let Telstra control shit.
    otherwise you get this

    for $100AUD a month, with no option to go with anyone else

    EDIT: Absolute best case scenario i get just above 7mbps down if nothing else is happening on the network
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    nothans got a reaction from Godlygamer23 in Power button   
    Just short the power connectors on the motherboard with a phillips head or, and this is somewhat inelegant, you could short the power connectors and then use the PSU's power button as the system power button
  7. Agree
    nothans reacted to Lord Vile in Huawei's New Flagship Smartphone   
    They’ll stay around though they make enough in china to cover any losses in the rest of the world 
  8. Agree
    nothans reacted to Lurick in Passmark - AMD "Decimated" In New Update   
    It would seem that someone is up to some shenanigans with PassMark this time following not too far behind UserBenchmark's recent screwings around with weighting. This time however PassMark has claimed to be "transparent" in their implementation however this seems to be rather suspect as the highest ranked AMD CPU on the new v10 list is 35th on the list and it's an iGPU variant, the 4300U, which hasn't even been tested on the v10 benchmark, but somehow beats out. There is talk that they have introduced an AVX-512 portion or subset to the benchmark which AMD doesn't even have instructions for and will almost certainly give favor to Intel CPUs.
    I would seriously love to see how Passmark claims this to be fair and how their CPU benchmark can put the 4300U a 2.7GHz base and 3.7GHz boost CPU ABOVE other Ryzen 3000 series CPUs which have much higher base and boost clocks from the start. It would seem that this is just another PR stunt to try and help Intel (for some reason or another) that will come out as an "accident" once enough people start digging into it.
    V9 :https://www.cpubenchmark.net/pt9_cpu_list.php
    V10: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  9. Informative
    nothans reacted to sowon in Amazon Claims Honey Browser Extension is a Security Risk   
    Source: The Verge
    After the recent acquisition of Honey, the money-savin', discount-searchin', coupon-findin' browser extension, Amazon has been notifying Amazon users that Honey's browser extension is a security risk and encourages Amazon users to uninstall the extension.
    The official warning reads as follows (or above in the quote if you wanted a visual):
    When interviewed by The Verge, Amazon initially stated their stance on Honey, but declined to elaborate.
    Reading on from The Verge's article on the situation, the journalist Dami who wrote this article perfectly articulates a theory behind why Amazon is so against the browser extension:
    Having recently installed Honey and finding literally zero results for it, I'm not compelled to re-install Honey any time soon. I do believe Amazon does have a point, but their point could reflect onto any browser extension, as browser extensions all track browser activity in some form.
    I agree with Dami that Amazon might just be feeling the heat from PayPal now owning Honey.
  10. Like
    nothans got a reaction from wkdpaul in Chinese X86 CPU on it's way - The Zhaoxin’s KaiXian KX-6780A   
    Probably going to be some Frankenstein proprietary format or basically fake wraith prism coolers.
  11. Funny
    nothans reacted to wkdpaul in Chinese X86 CPU on it's way - The Zhaoxin’s KaiXian KX-6780A   
    The fake AMD Wraith Prism coolers ... I think ...
  12. Informative
    nothans reacted to Tedny in Intel Core i9 10980XE Review Leaks Out   
    Controversially Scores 8563 Points In Cinebench R20, 2.6% Less Than The 9980XE
    A review of the upcoming Intel 10980XE processor has leaked out from the guys over at Lab501 but it would appear that something is missing from the picture because the 10980XE actually appears to regress in some major test results. This would indicate either an issue with the exact sample they have (engineering sample/not final clocks etc) or Intel actually deciding to launch a product that regresses in performance (which I would consider being unlikely in the extrem
    wccftech source
  13. Informative
    nothans reacted to HarryNyquist in Monero Website Hacked Delivering Malware   
    Cryptocurrency is like the opposite of monopoly money. It's equally useless but people decide to spend real money on something that's more volatile than the stock market.
    For reference: $20580 in monopoly money is $20 USD. Meanwhile 1 XMR (monero) is $50-- no wait now it's $60 -- no, $55, no $40, no $10 OMG I'M RUINED AAAA, no wait nvm now it's $80 HAHA I'M RICH
    Who seriously uses cryptocurrency, is what I want to know. Outside some very niche uses literally the only thing that comes to mind is money laundering.