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  1. So, the Series X/S release is tomorrow. What I'm wondering is if that's a midnight release, a 6am PT release, or some other time. I'm wondering if I should stay up, wake up early, or just kinda chill and wait for it.
  2. At least she seemed to be asking the right questions instead of just going off on her own and getting angry at you about it.
  3. So, uh, I hate to bump an ancient ass thread... But @CPotter, we need answers. @LinusTech and @Slick showed off a couple different designs of large mouse pads/mats on a WAN Show last year and I kinda want to throw money at you guys for one of them. When can I give you guys money?
  4. I used to work in self storage. One day I had a woman come in and say she wanted to cancel her unit. I told her to let me know when she emptied it out so I could inspect it and do the paperwork. She said it was already empty. I came to find out that's because when she rented the unit two years prior she NEVER put anything in it. She was paying $190 a month for an empty unit. And she knew she had it, too, because she had 3 rate increases that we legally had to send notices for. Short version of that answer... People are dumb.
  5. I have two of these bad boys at work and I love them. I was going to replace my move my Dell U2414H to secondary monitor duties (currently have an ancient Samsung SyncMaster 940a there) and get the EB243YU for my primary display. They were in stock at Microcenter just a few weeks ago for $160 and now they're gone. Why can't I find anything like that (1440p, IPS panel, 24 inches, bezelless) for anything less than $260ish? I'd love to go 27" but I simply can't fit that in my current setup (19" desk-mounted rack on the left side of the desk and the U2414H is currently squeezed between a pair o
  6. Yeah, the noise was a bit too much for me to deal with. The original unit is running on the Extreme setting in iCue and is dead silent compared to the HSF I replaced which was quieter than the pump on the replacement unit.
  7. It's Monster Cables times 1000. At least there's some dubious science behind Monster. This is just BS. LOL
  8. Shielding isn't difficult. What this thing claims to do, though, is complete horsepucky.
  9. I let it settle for a few days and even performed a "fix" suggested by a Corsair rep on another forum (make sure that the case is positioned so the motherboard/pump is horizontal, unmount the radiator and rotate it to work out the air bubbles). No matter what I did that fix didn't work. The sloshing noise unmounted was significantly more on the replacement than the original. I've had the original cooler with the replacement's mounting hardware running since last weekend completely silently. It also seems to be running a few degrees cooler, incidentally.
  10. Literally the ONLY way I could see this being of any value is if it was shielded and didn't output any RF noise while sitting next to audio equipment. That is the ONLY way this could be of benefit to audio quality going through it.
  11. OK, so I got the replacement the other day. For some reason I decided to replace the whole thing. Well, that was a bad idea because apparently the replacement was underfilled and the pump was gurgling. When I pulled it out I could hear the coolant sloshing a bit. I took the new bracket and put it on the original cooler and all is peachy now.
  12. Since the Platinum and the Pro XT are new they don't have spare parts, yet. They were going to send me a whole new unit, but since I bought mine from Amazon they said that it would probably actually be quicker to get them to replace it. So, that's what I did. Should be here tomorrow.
  13. I'm amazed it would have had the allowable range for me to overtighten it THAT much. I'm used to things having some sort of max limit to prevent such things and it didn't seem any tighter than any other cooler I've used before. I'll be more aware of things with the replacement, though.
  14. I came home from work today to discover that my computer was off. I figured maybe the power went out longer than my UPS could support the machine and it was automatically shut down so I absentmindedly turned it back on. That's when I noticed that the lights from my Corsair H115i RGB Pro XT weren't exactly where they should be. Turns out that the darn mounting bracket broke while the system was running and it popped right off the chip which apparently shut down when it hit the max temp. The system's currently running with the stock Wraith Stealth cooler (aft