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  1. Its the stock one on the Thermaltake View 71, using a pcie riser cable. Built my twin a comp a few weeks later using the Thermaltake Tower 900 Snow, which IMO is super nice and unique. The gfx card hangs from the top.
  2. It wouldn't fit I don't think, especially if i waterblocked it. I'll just run horizontal if i choose to grab another 1080ti. My brother has a tower 900 that I built him that could definitely do this, though.
  3. I'm assuming that since there are a stack of horizontal gpu slots, it will fit. However, worst case scenario i just run dual horizontal mounts. Shame though, because the vertical looks dope.
  4. Good call, I’m not sure how ugly it’ll look considering the configuration. Are there ones long enough to connect this vertically mounted gpu to a hypothetical horizontal gpu straight in the mobo?
  5. Okay so sort of like this? My maximus hero X came with a plastic bridge, so I assume I'll have to get those flexible ones. Are there any ones you'd recommend for an Asus Strix 1080ti? From that video, there really seems to be negligible difference between high bandwidth bridges and the flexible ones. Thanks for both of your help!
  6. I'm not understanding, 2 pcie ribbons? But the gfx cards wouldn't be in sli?
  7. 1 vertical and 1 mounted to motherboard
  8. Hello everybody, I have been thinking about purchasing another 1080ti to SLI for a frame boost on 4k, which is what I primarily game and stream at. My question is: are there SLI mounts that would accommodate a vertical and horizontal gpu combination in SLI? I've seen some flexible ones on google, but they are very cheap and I'm not sure what to think about them. Thanks in advance!
  9. A single fan pack of these is $30 http://ttpremium.com/product/riing-plus-12-rgb-radiator-fan-tt-premium-edition-single-fan-pack/ Wouldn't hurt, would it?
  10. You aren't listening - weeks ago I tried doing exactly what you posted across several repetitions of installations and it did not work.
  11. I currently have the Thermaltake View 71 case, with 2 140mm riing plus fans in the front, and 1 140mm riing plus fan in the back. I aslo have a top-mounted AIO riing plus from thermaltake. My question is, if I add additional fans without a radiator above the drive bays like they have pictured in the side-mount AIO, will I receive any cooling benefits? I have money to drain and I want my comp to look cooler, don't judge :D. Sort of like the side fans on this pic, but w/o liquid cooling & radiator: Thanks in advance!
  12. In the prior posts I stated that I did all of that, and I've drained power manually many times. The only cables unplugged were fan controller cables. The only other thing I did was attempt to install AI suite multiple times.
  13. So randomly last night, the motherboard decided to attach to aura sync - I noticed it glowing in unison, then checked to confirm. The only thing I've done is move some thermaltake cables that are unrelated and attempted to install/uninstall AI Suite several times. I suspect it either randomly recognized it or that the failed installation of AI Suite somehow fixed it. Posting this because I couldn't find any solutions on google.
  14. Hello everybody, Recently I rebuilt my computer in a new case and bought an Asus Maximus Hero X to go with it. I wanted to get the aura sync working for the mobo, as it is working for both my gfx card and addressable led strips, but the mobo is not showing up on the aura sync software. So I tried installing AI Suite 3 from the mobo support page so that I could update the BIOS easily, but it isn't working. I've unblocked the zip folder, ran setup.exe as administrator, etc., but nothing has worked. Does anybody here know how to fix this, particularly the AI Suite 3 pr