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  1. Sadly last night i turned off my computer and when i started it up in the morning again it was the same issue. I really have no idea what this could be.
  2. Found it Seems like it has worked for now. Have my fingers crossed to make sure it fully does
  3. Where is that option? Like where do i Find the "Home" setting?
  4. Tried this just now and still the same result. To me it seems like a feature f Windows 10 because it doesn't start instantly, it waits a second and then its like it loads up then goes dark.
  5. That is how i fix the issue is by uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers although not restarting after i do so, but whenever i restart it causes the same issue.
  6. This then stops me from opening up games and screws the resolution of the computer.
  7. So i installed that new windows 10 Update for the features (Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709) and for some reason now when i start up my computer everything is fine for a few seconds and then it all goes darker like all the blacks and colors get blacker. This issue is fixed by me uninstalling and reinstalling my graphics driver although whenever i restart or shut down then start up my computer again it just happens over and over, i was wondering if anyone has the same problem or a fix for this its really confusing me. Any help would be much apprenticed. Thanks