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  1. Thanks for the reply! I will have to try your command because I only tried shutdown /f t 0. I will let you know if it works. As I said before, I did disable fast startup from power options because I heard it was a common problem. I then disabled the hibernation file using the command powercfg -h off. Still not much change. However, if I Shift-Shutdown from the start menu, the system shuts down like normal. No hanging with no disk usage. From my knowledge Shift-Shutdown just bypasses the hybrid boot of Windows 10 and completes a full shutdown which is why the system upti
  2. I have 3 machines from a lot of 24 which are experiencing some odd issues. When I shutdown the machine, whether it is from Run, CMD, Alt-F4, or start menu, the system will not do anything for a good minute. It almost appears that the button does not function at all. I should also mention that pressing the physical power button on the case does not prompt a shutdown either, despite the power options being set to do so. I can still open all programs on the machine after clicking shutdown and they will open, with the exception of Optimise Drives which takes 30 seconds - 1 minute to open, which is
  3. Thanks all for your help. I went to install the 620 but found out that the x8 PCIE slot actually has a backing at the end of the slot, and isn't open so I can't install the GPU afterall.
  4. Hmmmmm. OK. I was able to get it to output from GPU and onboard graphics at the same time, but it was VGA from the mobo and had weird lines all over the screen.
  5. So I have an R9 270X 4GB from Gigabyte, and one of the DVI connectors mysteriously broke after lending it away.... I did have three monitors connected to it, but now I am unable to connect my third monitor to it because of the broken DVI port. My question is, I have a GT 620 laying around. If I was to install that alongside my 270X, would I be able to use the 620 as a display output only, while still rendering games and such on the 270X?