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  1. So that s it basically. SPECS: Mobo - ASROCK B450M Pro4-F Psu- Njoy ayrus 450 ( i knoooow i knoooow ) Cpu- R3 3100 RAM 16GB in dual channel 1-kingmax 2400 cl17 2-patriot 2133 cl15 I already overclocked them to 2800 CL18, maybe i can get a bit more out of them but i m not up to it right now. I tried oc-ing them to 3000 CL17 1.35 and that s when i heard that noise. I don t really knwo how to describe the sound, it s like a static electricity sound. Is the noise about the ram, have they reached their limit? Even if they did should there be any sound?
  2. Hello. My friend bought a cheap bluetooth usb dongle for her BT headphones to use on pc . This gave me an idea, since i like the freedom of no wires and a combo like this is pretty cheap i was thinking of buying a new pair of headphones (+ dongle) . But i have a question. Will i be able to use both speakers and microphone via bluetooth ? I m asking because my friend couldn t use both on stereo mode ( and stereo mode sounds best), only on handsfree mode which cuts down quality. I read that this happens because of bluetooth bandwith limits. His headphones are old though, BT version 4.1 or
  3. Thank you all. I ll tell my friend too so he knows nothing is wrong with it.
  4. I m talking about this laptop https://altex.ro/laptop-gaming-msi-gf63-thin-10scsr-802xro-intel-core-i7-10750h-pana-la-5-0ghz-15-6-full-hd-8gb-ssd-512gb-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1650ti-max-q-4gb-free-dos-negru/cpd/LAP10SCSR802XRO/ My friend just bought it. I changed his powerplan, gpu settings so games use the nvidia gpu everything on performance basically, his cpu boosts fine until it thermal throttles ( 4.5 all core to 3.2 when throttling ). Am i missing something? Gta 5 runs at 60 fps on the lowest settings 1080p and in my opinion that s not normal ( I had 80-90 fps on a g4560/1060 3gb).
  5. That s basically it. The thing is i have no experience with asrock boards and i have read that the vrms are better than the ds3h vrms( i want to overclock ) Really simillar price if that matters, like 5 euros or so. Will those boards support ryzen 3000 series out of the box? I tried to find this information but i got nothing
  6. yo how did i already post this man i was currently writing my post
  7. Hello guys. I have a VGA monitor and my motherboard (h110m pro d) has only a dvi d dual link connector(i want to use the integrated GPU) . Can you help me with an adapter? I don t understand them. And that bios setting to switch over to my integrated GPU
  8. Hello,I m a p20 lite user and I like every aspect of the phone except the battery.I use it a lot at school and because of the screen(resolution,size) my battery drains pretty fast.I want to buy an external battery but I heard that the wrong voltage/amperage can damage my battery.Is that true?Do i need a specific kind of external battery?
  9. I will get the p20 lite because i like it more even if the lg g6 is more powerful
  10. i m kinda limited with these two i don t know how to explain why
  11. honor 10 is more expensive here.I considered the g6 because of the water and dust resistance.more powerful hardware and the fact that people said that the p20lite sounds bad in calls
  12. yeah bro but the thing is that the p20 lite s cpu is weaker and it doesen t use that much power and the g6 uses more power