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  1. Hey guys, I have just bought a 240hz monitor. Its an ALIENWARE 2521HFA and I was wondering if I should have freesync enabled for the least input lag. I mainly play Valorant and sometimes CSGO. In valorant I can maintain 220-300 fps almost always but from time to time I do dip below 200. So I was wondering if I should have freesync enabled for those time? Does freesync increase input lag by a noticable amount?If I turn freesync on should I limit my fps in any way? Thanks for the answers.
  2. I see. Well best I can do is hope
  3. Yeah, they claim that the max noise it can output is 40dba which isnt much. But maybe i am just used to noise i dont know at this point Yeah I have no info about whihc batch it is from. The only thing the sales person told me is that they just restocked with this PSU, but I guess that doesnt really say much Could you explain please what happens when it ripples? Will it have any noticable effect? Or will it just silently wear down the other stuff?
  4. Hello, first of all sorry for late respons. Secondly, earlier this morning I picked up the coolermaster unit.The thing is i came to the conclusion after looking at said testing(cybenetics) that this units only issue is that its 230V and thats why its low on the tier list. But since i dont have brown outs and i had very consistant voltage levels in my house it shouldn't be a problem for me ? If i missunderstood and there are other issues why its low on the tier list please tell me.Unfortunately there were actually no corsair units, the cheapest one was double the price of this.
  5. Hello, first of all sorry for the late respond.Secondly, thank you for the explanation about the full range and 230 units.The one thing that is suprisingly good in my country is the voltage cause it drops below 200 like once-twice a year(atleast in my house)This is based on the fact that my old PSU was a chieftec smart 600W unit, same 230V type and i cant remember the time it stopped due to voltage,it lasted 11 years.I picked up earlier this day the unit MWE 700 v2 white and its absolutely silent. It has a very subtle coil whine when my pc pulls 180-200W but once i am over or below that range
  6. Yeah, the elite is kinda bad,its only temporary until I pick up my new one the Coolermaster MWE 700 white V2.
  7. CPU : R5 1600 @4ghz 1.25V RAM : Corsair 16gb ddr 3200mhz GPU: RX 580 4gb sapphire 2 case fans I live in hungary constant 230V. TL;DR My old PSU gave out after 11 years, and i quickly picked up a PSU that was "okay" from local reviews. Its a COOLERMASTER V3 ELITE 600W and it works and everything but its very loud. Like louder than my GPU under load.So i will return it back and get my money back but i want to buy new PSU before I send this back.I need to have a PC at all times because of online school. So I found a new PSU CoolerMaster MWE 700 WHITE 230V
  8. Hey,so after you guys recommending it to me I ordered the arctic cooler 34 esport duo and its way better than expected. I am currently at 3.9ghz at 1.25V stable and when both the GPU and CPU being stress tested and heat is being pumped my temps are very very good. My CPU never goes above 65C , GPU(70-75C). While the fans do have a bit of sound , not much but noticable(with headphones off). It performs perfectly so i recommend it if anyone is looking for a budget option. So thanks guys for helping me out. @Stahlmann98 @TVwazhere @HairlessMonkeyBoy
  9. Hey, this might be a long shot but i had my PC freezing as well and what solved the issue for me is disabling C state in BIOS. I don't know if it will help you but i think its worth a shot.I also read that it solves a lot of AMD CPU related issue.
  10. Okay, so its been 3 days and 5-6 cold start(from power down to power up) and i never encountered the problem again so I will call this case closed. If you are having a lock up once a day try disabling C state in the BIOS maybe it will help.
  11. @Neutraliz So i checked my ATA controllers and they are microsoft controllers not AMD ones. So i guess that didnt cause the problem. What i did is that i switched off C state in the BIOS so i will report back in like 2-3 days if the problem persists or not.
  12. Hello, thank you for the answer. I will try it as soon as i get home. My PC completrly locks up and i need to reset it with the restart switch.I will post the results here.
  13. Specs: OP:Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 @3.6ghz GPU:Sapphire nitro+ rx 580 4gb MOBO:Asus PRIME B350M-K Ram:Corsair 3200mhz DDR4 16gb PSU:CHIEFTEC 650W SSD: Adata 128gb (boot) HDD: WesternDigital Green 1TB So the problem I am facing is that the computer freezes once everyday when i boot it up for the first time.After that the computer runs fine without any issues or freezes. Every single hardware has been checked and none of them is faulty.I tried with and without XMP, with and without CPU overclock. Everything has been stress test