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  1. Yeah, its very strange indeed. Im going to try the card in another system when i get the opportunity, if it works there, i will need to re-install this system. Thank you for your support!
  2. Well, then i do understand. So on your separate game harddrive you have the SteamLibrary folder? Then i would suggest just copying it to the new drive indeed!
  3. Well, if its just games, i guess your fine as long as the hdd survies the copy process Even if you do have 2TB worth of games, it wont take 30 years. What speed is your connection?
  4. LOL LOL LOL LOL THIS IS FISHY AS F*CK! When i removed the driver in my device manager and searched for changes, the card updated itself (LSI Adapter, SAS 2008 Falcon) and the harddrives poped right back in windows.... Maybe its a driver fault then? But as stated above, where can i find a good alternate driver for win7 x64? Thanks in advance. EDIT! I can tell you whats NOT working, the win8.1 driver, it installed successfully but upon removing it, i ended up with bluescreen and had to boot from USB-stick and disable lsi_sas2.sys upon boot.
  5. Now it happend again. Less then 24 hours after the re-flash. Maybe something is wrong with the drivers aswell, i have no idea about that. Is there any alternative drivers for win7?
  6. @alpenwasser Hello and thanks for your reply! I followed your guide when re-flashing the card and the re-flash itself was succesfull! AFAIK the drives are working 100% as inteended, i have not noticed anything strange with them what so ever, they are also brand new. When running diganostics i did not come across anything unusual, and as stated above, the card re-flashed fine. If there still issues with the card i guess its broken? Im not sure if i did the right thing, but i re-flashed to the same version(P20 IT-mode) as it was before.
  7. Hello, I know the feeling when a HDD is about to die About your question. For _ME_ the easiest way is to determine what files i actually do want to keep. From your question, we as readers do not get to know if you have more then one? Do you run your operating system on the same drive as you store all your other data/files? IF so, then yes, the "easiest" way is to copy the data over to the new drive once your new OS is installed and everything is up and running. I would recommend have a separate hdd for your OS tough. From own experience, a o
  8. Hello, Long time reader, first time poster. Last year i bought an LSI 9211-8i card off ebay and a good friend of mine helped me to re-flash the card into IT mode. The card currently has the firmware (which i believe is the latest?) Anyway, i started to use this card 3 months ago and it has been working flawlessly until 1½ week ago. A electrician was in my home and cut the power to the whole house when he was fixing in the living room. When i turned my PC back on the card started to act strange (although no other components did/does that)