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  1. Wrong 750ti perfroms better than gt 1030 for rx 460 is better to buy gtx 1050
  2. This is real asus gtx 750ti not a fake technically i used gtx 750ti
  3. So this means if i take a pic at 16megapixels i have taken a 5k pic base on the reosultion 5312 × 2988
  4. I wonder why i cant take a 4k pic with my phone . i am able to recording a 4k and 1080p video with my phone but i cant capture a 4k and 1080p pic with my phone . is there a way to take a 4k pic with my phone
  5. Yep 8mb downlaod speed VID-20181018-WA0010.mp4
  6. Here in ghana console's are very expansive to use . it cost 300 cedis ( 50 dollars ) for sport game like fifa 19 but it cost 40 ghana ( 8 dollars ) for a pc version ( shared account for offline gaming ) aloneside cracked pc games which cost 20 ghana ( 5 dollars ) compare to 150 ghana (30 dollars ) for the cheapest ps4 game . so pc are fan and cost effective to use here ( ghana -africa ) compare to console
  7. One plus 6 Cost around 500 doallrs and it performances and camera is better than iphone 7 plus . sd 845 is faster than a10 . dxomark rates one plus 6 camera. higher than iPhone 7 plus
  8. And I also want to know if am bottlenecking my 1060 base these benchmarks scores
  9. I don't have a fixed budget but I will add about 150 to 200 dollars if I want to swap my 1060 for 1070 and will have to buy 7700K with z series motherboard for 350 dollars
  10. I7 2600 cpu Msi h series motherboard Asus strix 1060 6gb Corsair 650 watts psu 8gb ram 128go ssd with 1tb hdd
  11. I7 2600 with gtx 1060 ,should upgrade to 7700K or gtx 1070 . Will I benefit from a CPU upgrade or a gpu upgrade . I game at 60 fps 1080p ultra or 2K high These are my current benchmarks
  12. I5 7400 is a quad core whiles I3 7100 is dual core , technically they both have same of threads but the I5 have higher multi cores performances thanks to it extra 2 cores . So games takes advantage of the I5 that's why is faster than I3
  13. Games takes advantage of fewer cores with higher clock speed than multiple cores with lower clock speed, that's why 8700K is still the fastest gaming CPU compare to 7980X which has 12 more cores compare to 8700K