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    Saiyan Kurosaki
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    England (God save the queen and all that)
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    Gaming, PC Building, Anime (every now and then)
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    I just like tech and gaming and trying to help people out in life
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    Full time Student


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    Asus - Z87-C
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    16GB 1866Hz DDR3
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti SC ULTRA
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    Cooler Master V300
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    700GB Samsung HDD +
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    550W Cooler Master
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    1920 x 1080p, 60Hz
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    Cooler Master V550 (with Noctua fans)
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    Some old DELL thingy
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    Acer Predator Cestus 300
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    Sony MDR-XB950B1
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    Windows 10
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    Huawei P10 Lite

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  1. I got my old PC a kit of HyperX Fury RAM 16GB (2x8GB), was wondering if it was worth mixing it with some old 2GB sticks I had laying about, I know the speed will be lower but would it be worth it. My use case is light video editing and mainly PC gaming. Specs: CPU: i5-4670K GPU: GTX 1660Ti Motherboard: Asus Z87-C PSU: 550W Cooler Master RAM - Pending lol
  2. My cables to split, thanks for your help Thats what my gut was telling me tbh, it was just a comment I saw about it that sorta threw me off about it
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my GTX 770 Twin Frozer to a EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti SC Ultra Gaming, I saw that it needed an 8 pin connector to the GPU which is fine cos my 770 uses 2 of those, however someone mentioned that it needed a 6 pin connection to the PSU, I only have 4 pin connections on my PSU. Can anyone tell me if that makes a difference, will the card not get enought power? I can't see why it would be an issue given the 770 draws more power but I just wanna be on the safe side. My PSU is a Cooler Master V550
  4. I already had GeForce Experience when I first got my GTX 650 so I made an account and everything only to manually install an older driver as a game I adore (Dark Souls) wouldn't function correctly with the mods I had due to the newer drivers, so I currently have a driver from July 2015 on it. Either way thanks guys.
  5. Right so I'm buying a fairly cheap GTX 770 to replace my GTX 650 (and i5-4670k to replace my i5-750).,however its been running inside an Ubuntu system and I can't seem to find an answer but would that require a driver change when I move it into my system which runs Windows 10? Would Windows even be able to recognise the device? Is the process different from a regular driver install. Thanks
  6. Thanks Darkseth, I shall take your advice.
  7. From my experience I've had my mic not work when using a splitter into a console controller (PS4) so I would do a tad more research just in case or wait for someone with more knowledge than me to pop up. But to be honest I can't really see why a splitter would prevent the mic from working
  8. Okay, thanks. I think I'll buy the GPU for now and then try buy a new CPU and motherboard together later on. I don't really mind sacrificing too much performance, I just want games to run as good as or slightly better than the console generation they were released for.
  9. So my current rig isn't brilliant by todays standards and I'm thinking of getting a GTX 1050 maybe a Ti to replace my GTX 650, my worry is about bottlenecking the card, be it motherboard or CPU, cooling and power are fine. My current CPU is an old quad core i5-750 (from the LGA1156 socket days) and my mother board is a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R. I'm not worried about my power supply as its a 700W OCZ PSU (Overkill I know). So as far as I've researched the CPU won't bottle neck the card at all if only a rad in more CPU heavy games upto a 1060. My main concern is my motherboard being PCIe 2.0 (Can't