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  1. Oh, okay, thanks for the tip. Will try this!
  2. Okay, there's no problem with using the multimeter. But how do I know what's the pinout?
  3. Hello! My coworker got his computer upgrade at work and swapped the PSU - he didn't even replace the modular cables (facepalm) but he's lucky because the CPU, Mobo and GPU power cables are standard pinout). And now he wants to connect his HDD. I know that modular SATA cables are NOT standard across manufacturers. The problem is - he managed to put his unpacked cables of his new NZXT C650 PSU into a general bin, where he gathered all other PSU modular cables. So now I don't know, which ones are NZXT - the braiding is not exactly different between other cables.
  4. Nah, I'm cleaning quite regularly. It's just that it's quite thin and light (1,8kg) and the heat is probably a bit too much. That's why I want one computer to be a chunky laptop or ITX build and the other an ultrabook. But yeah, thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Hmm, if I could get a good price in Europe for 2070 it seems like a very good option. What do you think of the longevity if the computer is running hot? Like my MSI laptop, while gaming on PUBG Lite, is basically always at 95 degrees.
  6. Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my old computer of 5 years (i5 4690K, GTX 960) and I'm having a dilemma of choosing between two things. To help you understand me better - I'm working at a robotics startup and I am mostly programming firmware but also do CAD and PCB designing, and on evenings from time to time I play some games (so an external GPU is a must). The main thing is that on workdays I'm living at one place and on weekends I'm in another - so a full fledged ATX system is out of the question because I want to use same computer between my homes. Currently I have the old comput
  7. Yes, I wrote that in the post: "Also, GeForce Experience says that there are no newer drivers available."
  8. Hello, I recently bought an MSI GF63 laptop mainly for my programming courses at university and occasional gaming. It's working pretty well but it has a single problem - I can't seem to update the Nvidia drivers. It has a GTX 1050 Max-Q and it came with proprietary drivers. I don't want to reinstall Windows and all of the MSI software because some of it is genuinely useful. The problem is that, when I download Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia website, it says that the driver is not compatible with this version of Windows. It has the preloaded Windows 10 Home. I can only seem to insta
  9. Okay but still theres no guarantee that a reinstall would fix it. I'm suspecting that drivers are the cause of this. There's no way to install Laptop GTX 1050 drivers on my laptop, right? Only the driver from MSI website?
  10. Well CS:GO runs on pretty much anything. My old laptop had GT750M and ran about the same performance. You're trying to say that GTX 1050 will run the same as GT750M? Also, the first time after I reinstalled the driver with DDU, I had 250 ~ 300 fps until the next restart. Also, I'm running other games like GTA V just fine. You're trying to say that GTA V is way easier to run than CS:GO? I didn't want to lose the Windows licence, that's why I didn't do a clean install.
  11. Hello, I recently bought myself an GF63 8RC laptop with the GTX 1050 graphics card and I've encountered a problem with it. So I've tried games like Fortnite and GTA V and they both run just fine. However, with CS:GO it's only about 40 - 50 FPS and I know for a fact that GTX 1050 should easily max out the game at the max framerate - 300 fps. So I've tried everything - changed the power settings in Windows, in MSI Dragon app (which is horrible), in Nvidia options but to no avail. I also used DDU to delete my Nvidia drivers and I couldn't reinstall them from official Nvidi
  12. Solved my problem - changed my PSU cable and now everything works - apparently the cable died.
  13. I am keeping my computer dust clean - cleaning about every two months and now I just cleaned as well. I'm thinking that the PSU is broken as well. All are on the motherboard - only the CPU fan isn't spinning and I'm thinking it's because it just doesn't have time to spin up just like GPU fans because the power cuts out before they're able to start spinning. I'll try replacing the PSU when I'll be able to get a hold of one.
  14. Hello! So my computer apparently just died, whilst I was playing FIFA 18. The computer just froze completely, then I turn it off holding the power button. Now when I tried to turn the computer on, the motherboard made one beep and turned off again. I checked my PC out, reseated everything and then tried again. Now it behaves differently - it starts, then switches off without a motherboard sound. I also noticed that the CPU fan isn't turning on startup, when other fans are. Mind you, that all this turning on is happening for about a second - then it does the sa