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  1. My Samsung smart tv has sound, and the backlight is on, but I cant see anything else. If I try to switch inputs I can hear it but I cant see the menu. I tried replugging and still no dice. What should I do?
  2. My v sync is 100% off. I don't think it's the issue. However, I do have overwolf installed and that my be the culprit. I don't think it would lag the main menu tho
  3. *edit I am also stuttering out of game idk whats going on lol
  4. My FPS is dropping suddenly every time i play any game. The cpu shows it going up and down and up. I tried to turn off v sync and to lower settings but none of them worked. My temps are in the 70s-80s so not a thermal isssue. I am using an asus zephyrus g. Any advice helps! Trying to fix asap! PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 2019-09-28 20-31-55 - converted with Clipchamp.mp4
  5. I recently got an asus zephyrus g with the 16 gig ram model and for some reason in league of legends i get around 70 - 80 fps high settings. When i checked the usages, i saw 50-60% cpu and 50% gpu. Idk what the bottleneck is and if there is just a problem with me lol.
  6. I got my ssd and I tried to clone it so I downloaded the sofate to do so. After it finished, I unplugged my had and turned on my computer. I couldnt find my m.2.
  7. I actually lost fps went from 320 fps to 308 fps
  8. The CPU is at around 80% while the gpu is usually maxed out
  9. Yeah I checked there's nothing there that would cause a drastic drop of fps
  10. I have 1080p low settings and all I have open Is discord, youtube, and twitch. Will that drop my fps that badly?