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  1. I'd recommend doing a full system reset, and then put files on an external harddrive or something that you'd want to save. Sometimes drivers might be hidden, or there's something left that will "piss off" new drivers.
  2. Then there is nothing but Big Tower left, however you other demands might not be met. The optical drive is old news, and side mounted GPU's are a new-ish thing. Maybe Lian-Li has something? The only things i can find with 5.25'' bays are older Corsair cases.
  3. Do absolutely NOT buy a new GPU. If you want power, buy a new CPU. It''s either new mobo and new CPU, or buy secondhand CPU that fits current Mobo. the i7 6700K still works rather well, however you might need a Z170 for that, i've forgotten. Otherwise go with an i5 6600K.
  4. Well if you do editing and light gaming, perhaps it woould be better to go dual screen? 1 monitor for gaming, and the other for editing? For all i know, Samsung and Dell make good monitors with wide depth of colour. Ultrawide's are definitely not needed. You could always go on Elgiganten and filter things soo you have 4k 27'', and then look at whatever monitors you think look nice, and then take a look at the colour grading on them.
  5. What im really hearing you say is Fractal Define R6 (or 7 if you won't save the cash). Lot's of space for 3,5's and a single 5.25. It's really hard to find anything with several 5.25's that is new and modern, unless you go Big Tower i guess, but damn they are big. I guess if you do a slight bit of modding you could get 2 in there, but honestly just go with a single one.
  6. Hello fellow enthusiasts I have been rather slow the last few years since RTX released, and know next to nothing about their performance I've been meaning to either upgrade my GPU, or buy a VR headset (that Index is looking sexy). But after looking at prices, i can see a 2070 Super is relatively priced for my country (DK, about 5000 DKK for one) At the moment i have a GTX 1070 blower style which i pulled out from my old pre-built, meaning that this is an OEM card, and not something any ordinary person can buy. I have noticed the performance is slower than a normal 1070,
  7. The one plug that looks like Micro-USB is most likely the Corsair Link port. The other one that looks kinda weird should be power. Im not 100% sure, but i'll be damned if it isn't. If im not mistaken, you don't have to plug in Corsait Link, the other one is a must. Check you manual if you seem to be confused. I looked quickly at the manual, and found your answer in Step 5. https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/H100iv2_QSG.pdf Hope that helps!
  8. So you might be more knowledgeable about this app than more, the only thing i understand is that the drives seem to be good. Any other things off your mind that i could do?
  9. Well you see, i thought the exact same thing, except my motherboard is some f**ked up shit Lenovo had to smoke crack to make. There's 2 ram slots, only 1 filled. Fine i think, i'll order one. I find some Corsair RAM that looked nice, i check everything to make sure it'll fit in a standard motherboard. Order it. 1 week later it comes. I open the box, i am literally jumping. For the first time in my life i will have 16 GB ram. The masterrace. I plug it in with my other stick. The PC beeps loudly, no display. Hmm, weird. I check if i plugged it in correctly, push it a bit more. Yup, s
  10. There was a rumour about a 5000 mAh battery version. And it's Samsung, so of course they would put in a lot of money for their battery department. We all know what happened when their budget was lower.
  11. Hello there! So for a long time now i have had a lot of problems with my pre-built Lenovo Y720 Cube. I got it around 2017. The specs for it are: GTX 1070 i5 7400 8 GB RAM 1 TB HDD i've also put in the 1 TB HDD from my old system, they both seem to be same brand. In pretty much all games now, i experience major frame skips. It wasn't like that when i got it though. I used to be able to play Overwatch with no problems whatsoever. Now, when i join a match, zero models are loaded, nada. It takes about 5 minutes just for one of the models t
  12. Hello there! I seem to have in to a few issues with upgrading my pre-built. I started off with just buying a simple DDR4 stick. I check that it's a DIMM-288 that would fit in every motherboard on desktop computers. I have also seen it being used in builds on youtube. I buy it. When it eventually arrives, and i plug it in. I find out that for some reason, my motherboard won't accept non-ECC RAM modules. I tried plugging it in on it's own, yet no boot. I figured my motherboard was some weird ass shit, that you won't even find knockoffs of, so i send it back and got the money for it. So i ha
  13. So i was gonna look at an upgrade from my old pc. And at the moment, i only had enough money for a new CPU, Mobo and case. I can't really wait anymore, since i really wanna play some newer games. I have this Samsung DDR4 DIMM 288-pin that is fairly new, from my pre-built. I was wondering if the RAM would work in my new possible mobo? (ASUS Prime Z270-P) On paper it really should work, but i have had problems in the past trying to put i some other 8 GB stick in my pc. The ram worked and everything, but not just on my mobo. If anyone knows i would really appreciate, since some of the parts are o