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  1. all of them . i still get output on the monitor but only if i use hdmi cable on the only hdmi port on my gpu but for some reason when i use dp to hdmi windows doenst recognize it
  2. After a recent power outtage of some hours my second monitor when connected doesnt get recognized by windows. the problem is when i power the pc on the bios screen and the initial windows loading screen shows on that second monitor. whereas after it switches to the log in screen it goes into sleep mode and i cant find it either on windows or devices. my gpu has 3 displayport and a single hdmi outputs and i have my main monitor on a dp connector the secondary monitor on a dp to hdmi cable and the third monitor on hdmi (same thing happens when i connect the third screen on the dp to hdmi cable)
  3. ledgers are kept by people running full bitcoin nodes (or even pruned cause the full ones are like 330 gigs and goin up) on their pcs. miners create new blocks that are added to the ledger queue and validated by the ledger keepers ie the nodes. i am guessing your question is rather how is bitcoin profitable for miners after all the coins have been mined. in every transaction you pay a small fee in order for your transaction to be picked up by a miner so that it is added to the block . the sum of all fees and the block reward is then given to the miners depending on their work so when the coins