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  1. No I didn't mean stress test. I'm not really into changing or monitoring voltage numbers so I just attached a screenshot of AIDA64 sensor stats. I have no idea if it helps or shows what you're looking for. The cpu usage was about 55% when I captured the image.
  2. Thanks for your answer. One thing that I forgot to clarify was temperature values under full load. When cpu usage reaches 60%, temp values easily pass 80C. Under full load, temps go around 85-95C. Do you think that's normal as well?
  3. This question might be duplicate although I searched this forum and other ones to find an answer but I could not find what I was looking for. Anyway, I have an i5-8500 for over 2 years now and this week the cpu overheated while i was working on some heavy, cpu-intensive project. When I looked through temprature values, temprature was sitting around 50-55°C at idle (which I'm guessing is not normal at all). Also as soon as I open some common apps like Firefox, Spotify, Steam ... temprature increases by 10-15°C and goes above 60°. I also did the stress test from CPU-Z while I was watching tempra
  4. The problem is solved and here's what happened: I tried to repair the system with windows disk but it couldn't find the problem. Then I switched to legacy system (as Eton pointed out) but that didn't help either. Again I used the repair tool from windows disk (with legacy on) and it actually worked. System restarted and windows started up. Honestly I had not been facing this kind of problem and it was slightly weird cause I really did nothing which would be turned into the cause of this problem. Anyway, thanks for answers everyone
  5. Dear admins I am sorry if the topic does not relate to this branch of forum. You may want to move it to "Storage Devices" if necessary. Thanks.
  6. Recently I tried to enabled XMP Profile for the first time but when the PC restarted, a windows blue screen appeared with this error: "Inaccessible boot device". I restarted the system, disabled the XMP and restarted again. Now windows doesn't boot and in BIOS, my SSD doesn't exist in the boot menu (Although all of my storage devices are recognized in SATA Information section including the SSD) It's kinda funny but painful at the same time. I am currently trying to use the repair tool from a windows disk and will update this topic after the process.
  7. I'm not aware if the "charge circuit" is actually repairable or replacable. Do you have any information on that?
  8. I know it was a dumb mistake but I charged my laptop for almost 5-6 days unintendedly. Since then, some major problems have occured to my ASUS N551VW. I can't turn the laptop on unless it's plugged in to AC Power. When I plug the device in to AC Power, it is powered on immediately without me pushing the power button on the keyboard. The weird thing is that the Indicator lights are flashing but the screen is still black. I have to hold power button to force shut down the system and as it is turned off, I turn it on again manually. Everything seems fine from now on but Windows takes almost
  9. Hi This question might have been repeated but I am really struggling to understand this. Please provide a link if there are any answers available elsewhere. I'm trying to choose a monitor for general use and rarely gaming. Also, I have personally liked displays with large screens so I decided to go with a 27-inch display. But accidentally I read a topic somewhere about how to choose the right display and I read that 27-inch displays are terrible if you're planning to run your system at 1080p. Long story short, what I understood from that was that 27-inch displays and larger could onl
  10. In my opinion, games like Assassin's Creed or Watch dogs are not well optimized for weak hardware. Games like GTA V or Battlefield are much better options to test the performance.
  11. Well ... I was reading some comments on a webpage discussing i5-8400 and a guy's comment made me surprised. He was claiming that there is no need to buy an i5-8400 when Ryzen 1700 already exists. What do you think?
  12. Hi, Recently I decided to build a new PC for gaming in 1080p. Also, I wanted not to upgrade it at least in 4 years in the future and because of that, I ended up choosing GTX 1070 to guarantee that I'd be able to run pretty much every game in high settings with at least 60 fps. Since I'm not planning on any overclocking, I thought an i7-7700 (non-K) would be enough. Considering that I want this build to be at the lowest possible price, is there any better options rather than i7-7700 which would last long in upcoming 4 years and also my GTX 1070 wouldn't be bottlenecked by that?