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  1. LoL as in League of Legends, and i have changed my DNS to long time ago
  2. Already tried that, my IP didnt change.
  3. I dont use any email servers, the blacklist is actually blocking my connection to the LoL game server and i dont want to use VPN anymore.
  4. So I have to change my ISP,right? My only problem is that i cant play LoL without a VPN.
  5. From here: https://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check
  6. Am i able to see if my IP is "spoofed" or i have to deal with it?
  7. UPDATE: Even after the Windows nuke and new BIOS flash, there was a couple of spams ;/ feelsbadman
  8. I already tried that and they closed the phone on my face cause "i dont want to get another IP blacklisted and pay money for that". What the f Am I supposed to do in that situation?
  9. UPDATE: I have done a clean installation of windows 10 and have found out that my motherboard is IH61M and have downloaded this( https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds029433-flash-bios-update-thinkcentre-m72e-ivy-thinkcentre-edge-72-ivy-and-lenovo-62 ),i am not sure if i should flash it or not,cause i read that if something fails i could brick my entire PC. ;/
  10. Is it really possible that i have a rootkit or a malware on my bios?
  11. Well the problem is that i do not have any bootable USB. ;/ BTW how is that the infected files are transferred when i am installing a new Windows and deleting the old version?
  12. Doesnt that mean i just have to reinstall Windows and not save any old files from the old Windows?
  13. If only i could have changed my ISP ;( I have no other possible ISPs in my area.
  14. If it is a malware that can hide in the motherboard do i need to change my PC or what?