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  • Birthday May 04, 1995

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    Belgium (West-Flanders)
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    almost everything tech related: 3D-printing, arduino, pc, electricity, coilguns, robots ,... (really anything with electricity) and big machines

    osu! https://osu.ppy.sh/u/4445321
  • Occupation
    stuff with compressed air


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    4*4GB 1600MHz kingston
  • GPU
    980ti evgaa superclocked
  • Case
    corsair 750D
  • Storage
    Adata128GB, corsairForceGT 64GB, WDblack1TB
  • PSU
    corsair rm750i
  • Display(s)
    1920*1080 iiyama 23,6 + 2 others
  • Cooling
    all EKWB except fittings and tubing
  • Keyboard
    steelseries 7G
  • Mouse
    Razer nagaHex WraithRed & wacom intuos pen small
  • Sound
    around120W phillips stereo & sennheiser hd 598
  • Operating System
    win 10
  1. Rig name: merged pc Cpu: i5-3570K Gpu: gtx 980 ti (refference cooler, evga superclocked) Ram: 2x4 installed Score: 10.9 ordered the vive in first half hour will be upgrading cpu "soon", will watercool everything again "soon"
  2. installed windows 10 on an old unused hard drive, unplugged other drives, no problems so far. I will manage from here, many thanks
  3. thanks, ill try to reinstall windows and ill report back
  4. so basicaly its likely that its anything except gpu/cpu/ram, correct? EDIT: still pretty vague
  5. hey everyone, I got some wierd and consistent freezes, please help: -about my system thats on my profile (was watercooled with a gtx770, ivy bridge i5 3570K,...) -about parents pc: i5 3570K (same model as mine, but other mobo) -every hardware change had a fresh install of windows on its bootdrive , mobo, cpu and cpu cooler of the 2 systems were always held together in the swapping errors i had: - wierd artifacts, even on desktop (did see it sooner on desktop than in osu! (simple 2D game), IIRC the pixels were shown on the wrong place -
  6. hey guys, if anyone is still following this: i basically have run my system +- in that state for almost a year. I didn't find the time and courage to really work on it hard enough, and i still haven't figured out how i would build the top and front part, without it costing more than a couple hundreds. About 2 weeks ago my gtx770 died, and since the holes in the orange plates wouldn't align with the waterblock of any upgrade, and since i didnt thrust the psu anymore, i figured i might just buy a new case (that was finished in the factory) new parts: - evga 980ti superclocked (still have
  7. so, if you want to grab your pc on the wrong place to move it a bit, your pc shuts down/ starts ? (lets say your partner/wife/mother/... wants to dust it off)
  8. whoah, thanks for sharing edit: please dont say your motherboard is painted in that same plastidip...
  9. maybe introduce us to them... you could do a kind of intro/wrap-up video of what kind of products they have, and their most popular ones. i want to get to know the brand, but not one particular device. (is it a cheap brand, do they care about quality,...) edit: i know it would be hard to get access to all the devices, but i would like it anyways
  10. @ maki role: i guess its time for you to update your signature also, i couldn't believe they were renders. you are using some fine textures there
  11. update: stage 1 complete = she can run again the colors are a bit weird with this camera. should be a bit brighter she boots, she doesn't leak anymore, she runs and she keeps cool If you pay close attention you can see the sleeved cables: pcie + atx + cpu power. also you can see the single 120mm fan alongside of the 2 140mm fan. This will be fixed somewhere in the future. Hiding this mess is going to be tough. For example: i HAVE to put the atx and pcie connectors in the cpu heatsink cutout, because i didn't want to leave to much space behind the motherboard. (its l
  12. was there an option for it not to be orange in the first place? edit: IMO it depends on the rest of the colors of your build, but if you can still choose, go for the ltt colors
  13. update: hype sry its so shaky only thing i got for you guys is a teaser, she doesnt leak AFAIK, pictures will be made and uploaded tomorow. you can also see a glimpse of the sleeved cables (black bitfenix alchemy) still need to mount the hard drive before i can test if she boots next update
  14. so, today i was looking at the linustechtips uploads. While loving the perfect symmetry, a mate and i discovered their secret. This must be why they like their 1 video a day thing. I am on to you LTT <_< they keep doing it (except for the CES period) Illuminati confirmed