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  1. I've been using the Ender 3 for about a month now and although it was a pain in the ass to get going it has been a pretty solid printer... Right now they are on sale on amazon for $180. It is a very impressive printer for the cost.
  2. Your problem is that you are going Digital to Analog and sometimes those Adapters do not cut it for the correct signals on those monitors, Screen position on the monitor will not fix it. You will need to fiddle around with Screen resolutions to find the correct one for that monitor. The monitor gets a separate HV from the D-Sub and it could be a matter of conversion not sending the correct or any HV information from the video card. We use SIIG CB-DP0082-S1 Adapters and they seem to do fine with signal conversions.
  3. There is a few things you can do to accomplish this. Getting a Separate Media Controller (PC Remote) with USB Receiver input. Or 6 key programmable macro keyboard would be another. I'm sure there are other options but this it what comes to the top of my head.
  4. I did mine through 'RetroPie' it is in the "Development" builds that can be installed. It does a get a bit complicated to install and port controls over, but once you get it worked out it is smooth and never really had an issue. 1 big issue I have had is that i cant the PS2 dual-shock games such as GTA the joysticks get a little weird and do not work correctly on the PS2 emulator.
  5. Not really, only thing I would suggest are some heatsinks.
  6. Yes, look up 'RetroFlag' Cases on amazon. They have 2 cases out now. SNES and & NES style. HDMI
  7. With my retropie system using the 3b+ I can play most systems up to Playstation 1. N64 gets a little sketchy with most games being slow or not working. For system emulation higher than the PS1 and N64 I use a program called "Moonlight" it uses steam streaming to open up my steam library where It will automatically open up "RetroCake" and have my high-process gaming available through that. Moonlight handles all the AV & Controller forwarding between the Pi & PC It is was a lot of work and learning and can be intimidating, but it was totally worth it to have all
  8. Never hurts to try an RMA, Some companies will RMA regardless of what happened. The worst they can say is no.
  9. Won't be an issue, If anything it will help keep the dust out of the ports.
  10. 1 letter, C & U Limited information so I may be getting it wrong but here is what I find just looking at it at a glance. The CU supports up to 300 mbps while EU is 150mbps.
  11. I have always kept my game libraries on a separate drive so if I had to Start Fresh I wouldn't have to spend a bunch of time re-downloading all those games. I have never had an issue doing it this way even when I upgraded up to a Ryzen system. After Steam, Orgin, Battlenet, etc etc is installed all you would need to do is point the client to that folder.
  12. I bought myself one of these when I went on a cruise last year, Didn't let me down. It doesn't take amazeballs pictures & video, but it gets the job done and is a decent cheep camera.
  13. I am in the same boat as you are I want to play again like I use to back in the days of vanilla but just can't get into the game. I have resorted to playing private servers but since the recentish announcement of vanilla servers, I have even quit those in anticipation of that release. Currently, I am grinding OSRS and will probably do so until the re-release of classic.
  14. This is the desk I have been using going on 2 years now. It has enough real estate for 3 monitors and I keep my PC tucked behind the monitors. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00214157/
  15. I use a DS3 for my PC, they are much cheaper and work just as good as the DS4. You can use a cheap nock off Bluetooth dongle and flash firmware to let it work with DS3 controllers and use SC3 Software. There are tons of instructions on how to do it online and it is very simple to do.