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  1. huh. well, guess thats standard then. i didn't know that. thanks for the help!
  2. i know i could do that but 1. would rather have each OS isolated in case one drive gets corrupted 2. honestly i just wanna see if a laptop like what i described exists
  3. kinda want a laptop that has two drives (or can have a second drive installed) for two OSes. not really practical or necessary; just think it'd be cool. I know I could probably put 2 OSes on one drive but ehhhh... all it needs to do is be able to boot from both drives, play 1080p videos at 60hz without exploding and maybe play a game like scrap mechanic on lowest at more than 15fps.
  4. it kinda works; still seems to have a lot of overscan, but there isnt an overscan button nor overscan knobs on the tv so
  5. bought a hdmi to composite adapter for no reason at all; cant seem to get proper resolution. any help? I know i can use the nvidia control panel thing, but i dont know the proper numbers to set the resolution to
  6. downloaded a version of it, doesn't look like its detecting my soundcard at all
  7. oh. could you please link to the download for the mixer?
  8. being left with just the sounds of A/C, computer fans and my tinnitus really isnt fun when im messing around with linux. I would love to use my soundcard but i cant find the right drivers. I need drivers for the Soundblaster Z soundcard.
  9. i have an ssd as my C:\ drive also, im planning to get an RTX series gpu (one of the ones that actually do raytracing), would i need 16gb for games that actually take advantage of that?
  10. i have ~$100 to buy either a RAM kit (2x 8GB, an upgrade from my 2x 4GB) or some games, since I have almost nothing in my library. Do I really need an upgrade to 16 gigs or am I still fine with my 8 gigs?
  11. don't have wired internet available right now; need to install wireless internet drivers for my Linux Mint install need drivers that will work with this card: https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-RNX-AC1900PCE-802-11AC-Express-Wireless/dp/B0159222VS/