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  1. hi i installed amd drivers but they only worked on the integrated gpu so i decided to reinstall it but now it wont find a single one of the 2 gpus i dont know what to do please help me
  2. hi this morning i went to turn on my pc and i got a error saying srt.trail.txt is missing or broken ive followed a lot of tutorials but didnt manage to fix it
  3. yesterday windows crashed while updating it turned off the computer without trying to turn it on again so i turned of power and went to sleep this morning my computer doesnt wanna boot i hear fan spinning then it turns on but when i press it to turn on again it does the same but doesnt turn off.
  4. hi so u upgraded my computer today to ryzen but my gskill ram (2x8 supposed to run at 3000mhz) runs at 2133 and any atempt to change it results in no video output motherboard is asus prime b450-m k
  5. ah yes allready found the site hopefully it will do
  6. ooh so is there any way to get around it or do i just need to reinstall
  7. yep i do not have a steam version because it was just cheaper
  8. well i never used them so i never needed them and the few gigs of space are allways handy how should have i known that a game needs these things ?
  9. i got it from the rockstar store and its straight out not launching and my setup is a rx460 2gb 8gb ram windows 10 pro N and a amd X4 840
  10. so i spend the last 2 days downloading gta to get a MFREADWRITE.DLL error i allready had to go into windows and change some stuff in the regedit. i heard gta needs windows media player but my version doesnt come with it nor wants me to install it its really stupid that iam having this error but i just want to play a game.
  11. after reinstalling windows my harddrive usage went down but now windows is using so much of my allready slow cpu its insane just noticed that windows is showing my cpu as having 2 cores but 4 physical cores
  12. that may be it too which it seems kinda random but yea ill run chkdisk and if it find nothing ill get the 1809 usb somewhere and install that
  13. ill check it out but as of me typing this my hardrive is at 50% which i remmember being about how much usage it had on the old install
  14. nothing on that scale happened no checkdisk no corrupt sectors and it all started happening after the install and i still have the same boot time from bios i allways had.
  15. the install itself seemed to take a bit longer than usuall but no errors or nothing and crystal disck is saying that the hdd is in a good state
  16. i honestly could find it myself but yes i should get a newer install usb
  17. gonna see hopefully its not but its true that windows is showing 100% usage as around 5 megs
  18. so i reinstalled windows because iv been having bsods which have been fixed. but my windows install is now stucked on version 1511 with harddrive usage being at 100% all the time. i tried updating using the windows update tool and inside windows settings but to no avail
  19. Jokes on you i downloaded the update yesterday morning and i had gotten the notification that its ready to update
  20. no windows will show that its installing when i restrart but it wont actually update
  21. iv been trying to update windows to a never version but it never actually installs tho if i search for updates it will find it and download it but it wont install
  22. I reinstalled my drivers using ddu to no awail but i have different bsods now bad_pool smtin and memory_management
  23. i can try but if i remmeber right the bsods are usually kernel security checks and systems expection smtin smtin