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  1. I guess my real question is, I have a ryzen 3900x. Would that cpu bottleneck at 1440p or should I downsample it from 4k to remove the bottleneck? I am looking to get avg fps of around 100-120fps without feeling like I am leaving performance(gpu) on the table.
  2. With the advent of rtx 3000, I feel that 4k gaming is possible. would it tax the GPU equal to or more or less than just having a 4k monitor. Is downsampling better than antialiasing? Or worse? thanks
  3. So there is no current tech that can do 4k 144hz? If you hdmi 2.1 can do 4k 120hz, does that include hdr? So with compressed, which is the minimum standard that I can use to get 4k 120hz with HDR?
  4. I am currently in the market for 4k IPS low response time 144hz monitor with HDR. I was wondering what effects does display stream compression have on it. And is it better to have a monitor that has uncompressed bandwitch or one with DSC? What benefit would HDMI 2.1 provide for monitors? Or it does not affect it at all compared to DSC. Thanks
  5. good point and yeah I was always intending to wait for reviews. That's why I am hoping that tech reviewer from youtube and other places will get early access so they can review it.
  6. With new graphic cards on the horizon, I want to know typically where do the newly released graphic cards arrive first to buy them as soon as possible. Do they arrive on stores first then online? If stores, which stores? If online, where online? I have a feeling that they will get sold out quick. As you can tell, I am anxious and waiting for them. I do not want to wait anymore if the items in question become sold out. Thanks.
  7. I got into the #2012. I was worth leaving my PC on for many days straight. Thank you, @GOTSpectrum @Metallus97 @leadeater @j1philli. I had fun being part of this. Hope to join future events.
  8. What is the speed for SATA III harddisk vs SATA III SSD in MB/s?
  9. I am currently looking for a ssd and I was wondering whether sata III ssd is worth it or not? I couldn't find it online. I do not know whether my ancient rig supports the M.2 or the NVME ssds that are in the market, since I literally used have one pcie available and I do not even know which gen it is. So can somebody give me advice? I am mainly looking for a 250GB drive which will store my OS and main programs + one game. The rest will be stored on my harddisk. How does it work by the way, having both harddisk and ssd in a rig, is there a special config that I have to do or just plug it i
  10. Thanks man, I thought since my PC is old. It would not be able to get better video cards but I can understand that better cards would just bottleneck. Final question, if I am looking for the dimensions of the card to make sure it fits, what would I look at to make sure that it will fit? The PC case dimensions? the motherboard dimensions? Thanks again.
  11. So, Can I buyany version of gtx 1060 graphic card like the two fan version or the founder's edition?
  12. Another question, Can I buy the two fan gtx 1060 version? What about founder's edition? 6GB?
  13. A question should I get a modular PSU or not? Take note other than installing a wireless network card in my PC, I have no prior experience with PC building, so any advice is great advice to me.
  14. Thanks guys, and yeah I am willing to buy a power supply with the graphics card. I always thought why my graphics card was crap even though the memory is 2 GB but recently I realized the video card memory size is not an indicator of how well it runs games. Due to that realization, I thought it is better to just ask for advise then regret it later.
  15. The power supply is 300W but its not a very good one. The specs are attached as a jpg.
  16. I have HP Pavilion HPE h8-1360t. The specs of the pc are attached below. I am a noob in terms of the hardware side of the computer, trying to learn more about it. I want to know what are my options to upgrade the video card? Regards, cyberjunaid JUNAID-HP.txt edit: Are there any good ones for gaming?