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  1. I was building a PC for a friend and he only wanted something stealthy and best bang for his buck. Found these T-Force Dark Zα 16GB 3600 MHz Cl18 kit. This series is available up to kits of 32 GB and 4000 MHz while having this ‘batarang’ design from its aluminium heatsinks. I like the all metal 0.8 mm thick aluminium heat spreaders with an aggressive design which is very reminiscent of Batman’s armour. Gave them some tests in my A4 build and I must say they blend really well if you are after a non RGB build. Besides the stock X.M.P/D.O.C.P value of 3600 MHz for 1.35v @
  2. DoctorNick Yes, it was 1.35v for the 3600 MHz. Will give it a shot another time. Thanks ! WikiForce Oh yes !
  3. I found this kit to be very interesting just because on paper it looks slow but that's because it's geared towards extra stability. To further emphasis this, it does not use the popular X.M.P/D.O.C.P profiles for frequency and timings. Instead, it implements the full JEDEC memory standard, which the motherboard automatically detects and applies. Thus there is no need to activate anything in the bios, just simply install the memory and enjoy. To further explain the goal here, unlike regular computer tasks, content creators can actually utilize sizable system memory. Editing raw 4K o
  4. Wanted a budget and a simple 1TB TLC M.2 NVMe drive so I can fit it on the back of my ITX motherboard in the DAN A4 SFX case. Saw that Team Group released their new T-Creator series (Expert - with 12 years warranty and over 12.000 TBW ! and the Classic). I got the Classic for now. Only a 1TB model so far @ NVMe 1.3 Gen3 x4 interface. It’s rated up to peak read/write speeds of 2100/1700 MB/s with IOPs up to 220K/200K (4K Random Read/Write) and comes with a 5 years warranty and 600 TB written. The synthetic tests show that it can reach the advertised speeds even at 50% capa
  5. Finally guys I got my dream liquid m.2 from T-Force - the Liquid Cardea. I have been wanting this one since I saw it last year. I ordered the half a TB one and there are 3 capacity options from 256GB to 1TB. What so great about it well? Team Group has implemented a mini self contained water cooling system which consists of an aluminium plate designed to transfer heat into an acrylic chamber filled with liquid, for an M.2 drive, thus creating the world’s first water cooled NVMe drive. This NVMe SSD is really cool (no pun intended) and the cooling design is even patented. It com
  6. I am slowly becoming a big fan of this company. Can't wait to get my hands on that liquid cooled M.2 Cardea SSD just because it's quite unique. Until then I wanted to try out the DELTA MAX RGB SSD. Looking at the basic idea, this was bound to happen and they are certainly not the first but so far their implementation is hands down the best looking option out there. Having a full RGB screen on your storage device seems useless at first glance since most users keep them hidden but if you have a case with vertical mounting for 2.5″ drives, well, that changes everything. Personally I think it look
  7. I had the Night Hawks RGB and love them to bits just because of the way they looked and how heavy they were. But they were just 1 mm too tall for me to close the side panel in the DAN A4 SFX. When these new ARGB kits came out I was instantly hooked I mean personally I think they look absolutely stunning due to the clever design of using a mirror like plastic covered aluminium alloy heatsink which also lights up. Apparently they have Samsung B-Die ICs and are under the 51 mm for height requirement my case (49) so this should be interesting. You have the option to select from up
  8. I decided to play around with some new RGB RAM from T-Force Team Group. These apparently are guaranteed to have Samsung B-die IC memory chips. I like that they come in variations of twos and what i mean by that is the fact that you can choose from two size options (8GB or 16GB), two speed ratings (3600 MHz or 4000 MHz), two RGB exterior designs (plain or with totem designs) and two timing sets (18-20-20-44 1.35V or 18-22-22-42 1.35V). I like that futuristic/abstract SF sword look that it has so hence the name reference to the legendary tale. The heat-spreaders are from aluminium a
  9. OK. So yes they are a perfect fit for the Black Ridge cooler with even plenty of space left.
  10. Hi guys. Decided to share a quick review regarding some RAM I have found from Team Group that seam to me to be a best buy. But more importantly that they will let me install the Alpenföhn Black Ridge low profile cooler in the Dan A4 v4 SFX case. Until that cooler arrives I decide to share some thoughts on the Vulcan-Z. Other popular choice for that are, of course the Corsair Vengeance LPXs, but I wanted to give these a try as well. They come up to 16GB kits all the way to 3200 MHz and are 32.8 mm in height (Just shy of the 33mm limit for the Black Ridge – still fingers crossed lol)