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  1. Right now I can only connect to Facebook YouTube and yahoo.com and all the other devices on my network are working except for my main computer and it says ipv4 no internet connection in the network settings
  2. Nvm it's still totally broken I had to go afk for a while and when I launched steam it says I'm offline and I can't go to any sites now
  3. Recently I got a new router and modem combo I am hardwired into my PC with Cat6 cable and every single time I have to restart the router my PC does this thing for a few hours where won't let me go anywhere besides Google Facebook or YouTube I've tried changing my ipv4 port and uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for the Cat6 cable but nothing is working right now any thoughts?
  4. Other games do work. I just played rec room
  5. UPDATE PIC this is what i get https://imgur.com/a/C1A6p
  6. I just hopped on the Windows mixed reality bandwagon (only for $150 its a steal)and every time I go to launch the lab in Steam the game crashes and steam says the game is unresponsive but the headset and controllers are connected. What am I doing wrong
  7. hmm didnt know that was an option thanks its fixed
  8. I recently got a gigabyte 1060 6BG and i installed it everything is fine besides my screen being darker than normal and i have messed with all the color options i could but nothing is changing any advice?
  9. I really appreciate this detailed answer I think you persuaded me to go more of the 6gb version would it make a difference if I got the superclocked version or not
  10. I have an i5-7500 and no headset yet going for the vive
  11. But what about vr I'm also looking for a haul for a while so I'm leaning towards 6gb