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  1. I only need 4gb of RAM, a GPU and a motherboard (Maybe an SSD). Just want to figure out what the best option would be.
  2. I am currently employed at bestbuy, and as such I am eligible for the Intel Holiday Retail Edge deal. With that, I can purchase an i7 4790K for only $100 dollars, and would like to build a pc. 1. Budget & Location USA and I would like to spend about 400 total (Including the CPU). 2. Aim I plan to use it mainly for school work, which involves programming and working with large amounts of files at once. I also do some video and picture editing using premiere, photoshop and illustrator. Besides those functions, I also would like to do some light gaming. I currently play games like
  3. jag3498 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1
  4. How big of a screen and how much do you care about how portable it is? Do you plan on taking this to class with you?
  5. My first phone was a Kin One M... It was garbage. Microsoft created this as a smartphone, and it ran some highly customized version of Windows CE, but it was extremely locked down so you couldn't install any apps or anything. It was so slow, and was a terrible basic phone with wifi. The web browser was IE mobile something and was so incredibly slow. After only 9 months with this piece of garbage I was able to use one of my family members upgrades and upgrade to a Droid Bionic, and that phone served me very well.
  6. I have this power bank (found it on German Amazon), and it works great, and the price seems pretty good.
  7. What do you guys think about this card being sold on the forums: http://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=1458#overview
  8. Have you considered trying T-Mobile Test Drive? They will ship you an iPhone for free (They do put a hold on your credit card tho), and let you test it for 7 days. This way you could get a good idea of what the coverage really would be. And yes, if you root there are methods to get around the tethering restrictions.
  9. I was recently given a computer for free, and am looking to use it to upgrade from my current laptop. Right now I have an Acer laptop with an AMD A8 APU. The computer I was given is a Lenovo thinkcentre motherboard inside a big gaming case. It has a Core 2 Quad Q9500, 4Gb of DDR2, and a GT 630 GPU. I know the CPU is considerably faster than my current system, and was wondering what a good GPU for around ~$100 dollars would be to upgrade it too. I know I plan to upgrade to 8GB of ram and that will be around $40. Also any guesses on how performance on this system would be? Thanks for any suggest
  10. Treible to hear this, but winning one of this would be amazing,
  11. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QWxHrH Sorry I didn't include that. Here is the rest of the system.
  12. I am currently helping a friend with a build, and he has everything besides his cpu and motherboard with around left 200 in the budget. The CPU I am looking at is the AMD FX-8350 for 140, but from what I'm reading I ideally need a AMD 990FX chipset mobo to use it, or else I have to deal with BIOS updates and possibly not getting the full performance of the CPU. Is this true? Are there any specific motherboards for around 60 that would work well with this CPU, or should I get a more expensive 990FX mobo and the cheaper slower AMD FX-8320? Thanks for any help!
  13. jag3498

    iPhone 6

    dbrand looks sweet.