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    Ryzen 3900x
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    Asus Strix X570-E
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    4x16 Crucial Ballistix RGB @ 3600mhz
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    MSI Ventus 3080
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    Lian Li PC-O11
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    WD SN750 1TB
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  1. Any reason why you aren't considering Google's Nest hub? I believe that's on sale for $49 USD currently and pretty much better than the lenovo in every way. With that aside, also check that all your smart lights/devices can be controlled by either alexa or google assistant. Some lights only work on just alexa or just google. If everything's compatible, it'll really come down to personal preference as both can pretty much do the same thing (such as setting multiple alarms).
  2. GTS will perform the best, at least at lower rpms
  3. Likely a driver issue or software not optimized issue, assuming you're not overclocked. You could try uninstalling your drivers using DDU, then installing Nvidia's studio drivers to see if that'll help as those are more oriented towards stability for creators.
  4. Try flashing a vbios for the card (download one for your exact card model off techpowerup)
  5. I recall reading an article awhile back saying no bootcamp support for apple silicon. I honestly believe bootcamp is on its way out due to lack of support from Apple in recent years. I'd recommend either moving to a dedicated windows/linux machine or running a VM like parallels on mac.
  6. Speeds don't matter for you and with prices the same, just get whichever has the highest endurance rating or best warranty or something.
  7. Pull through bottom, push out top. Unless you don't care about your rgb, at which point getting expensive rgb fans would be pretty useless. Ideally you should run push/pull on each radiator for best performance, but that might be a bit cost prohibitive.
  8. I'm not familiar with the fractal AIO specifically, but I know nzxt ones have software which typically show the temperature of the liquid. If there's no software like that, you could take a temperature probe and stick it into the radiator, then add a couple degrees to get a rough idea of the liquid temps.
  9. If you can adjust the pwm curve for the pump, that's probably the best option. If not, then just lock it into 50% rpm or something. Ideally you want to find a sweet spot in terms of noise, cpu temps, and liquid temps. The hotter the liquid and pump temps are, the shorter its lifespan.
  10. If it really bothers you to the point where you'd be willing to package the TV back up and return it, then go for it. Otherwise it's only a single dead pixel that you probably won't notice unless you're looking for it.
  11. Unless you plan on buying in a few months from now, you should update bios anyways for stability and bug/compatibility fixes. Any motherboard (b550 or x570) that has the features you want will pretty much work unless you plan on heavy overclocking, in which case go with a board with some good vrm's
  12. Try checking microcenter if you have one near you, although I would recommend waiting a couple weeks or months. That'll give you time to check reviews and when you do buy, most bugs should be ironed out by then.
  13. Have you tried resetting CMOS and/or disabling XMP to see if it'll work with anything in slots 3 or 4?
  14. Check your motherboard manual to confirm, but ram should typically be in slots 2 and 4 if you're running 2 sticks.