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  1. Linus, I had a dream about you and Slick last night.  You, me, and him were all on a sail boat in the ocean (I don't know why) and we crash and you and me collect scraps to build our own bucket to float away in that has stuff like a jacket and floaties (I have no idea where Slick went) So we're floating along collecting trash and scraps of the ship when we stumble upon two huge pirate ships. One was on fire at the front of the boat cowarding away and the others were about to board the other ship.  We take our boat up to the "winning" boat with the other ship and somehow walk from our boat to theirs and we say that we can help them and they start chasing us.  We take wood off of their boat as ores and use it to paddle back a short distance to shore.  We're in a grocery store (I think it's Target) and the dock is the salad aisle.  We're just chilling in that aisle and the pirates start shooting melon canons at us and Slick is just standing in the place that holds the salad, cucumbers, bananas, etc., like actually inside of it standing in the structure of it, and he says "Run, Linus, Run." and that's where it ended. Whoa. Sorry if it's confusing, it is for me, too, and it doesn't help that I just woke up from it.