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  1. banned for banning for random reasons
  2. Yes so basically even if you make the usb yourself you will need an activation code. The usb you bought contains an activation code with the windows install. You didnt waste money but be careful as some of these dont always work.
  3. As others have said ensure drivers are correctly installed and make sure it is getting enough power that card is pretty power hungry compared to the 1050. You may want to check thermals too as it could be overheating. Also make sure it is not oc'd.
  4. Ok this time i have returned for sure.. this forum is too good to leave again

    1. Gegger


      hai hey!


      welcome back :D

    2. ItsBlck


      Thanks! I used to be very active on the forum like 2 years ago and then poof i was gone. Now i will never leave, like you will never leave lttstore.com

  5. So, i ran sfc scannow, it fixed some things, i cleaned the inside of the pc from dust, turned the pc back on, and lord behold i hop onto league and it works perfectly! Thanks for your time and help!
  6. Thats fine, its not urgent so i can wait until tomorrow or when you can reply.
  7. i have ran memtest86+ as well, no issues with RAM. I will now attempt the gpu driver re install with ddu and will update when complete.
  8. I looked at SpeedFan and nothing seems to be overheating except Temp3 which occasionally has a fire symbol at around 53 degrees celcius but only sometimes. As for open hardware monitor, nothing seems to be weird it just shows same temps as speedfan but a bit more regular updates. What should i do in this scenario, increase fan speeds? And if so how do i (is it possible in speedFan)
  9. Also, one notable thing is that the hard drive is pretty much always above 60 percent utilisation. Sometimes dipping to 10 but quickly spiking again
  10. If it is how do i improve thermals and is this for the ram or hdd Or if it is do i need to replace it?
  11. So, as the title says, ever time i play a game, notably LoL, after like 10 minutes the game would freeze and respond with the memory management bsod. Ive looked at guides online but none of them work for me, any help? This is for an older build with 2x 4gb ddr3 1333mhz RAM and a 3 year old hard drive - some people say there problem was the hard drive
  12. Oh well I managed to reinstall using media creation tool and I guess it's fixed. Will be checking for disk errors now so I can be certain. Thanks for any help
  13. So I found a way to copy my documents to a usb, after that finishes, I will try the options you gave me. If these dont work I will just reset the PC considering now I have the files again, will update if the options you gave work or not.
  14. So I try to turn on my PC today and I get greeted with the BSOD with the error code above. I cannot boot into windows at all, even safe mode or disabling driver certification thing doesnt work. So I try most things on website, like in troubleshooting use cmd and so stuff like sfc /scannow and dism stuff aswell, but these have no apparent effects or dont work at all. After an hour I decided to reset my pc and keep my files (some are pretty important which I have not backed up) but each time i do this, at around 30% it would fail and say nothing has changed. What do I do
  15. What clock speed where you attempting to reach. Your CPUs base frequency is 3.4ghz and the boost clock is 3.6 and 3.8 with max turbo frequency.