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  1. Happy April fools everybody! Seems like i really got fooled today. I just upgraded my pc from an r5 2400g, b450-f and a shitty psu to an r7 3700x, 2070 super and an rm750x. I did update to the latest bios available before swapping out components but unfortunately my pc just doesn’t boot. It posts but doesn’t boot and doesn’t get passed the white LED. Would really appreciate some help!
  2. Would it be noticable when having lots of programs open in the background while gaming?
  3. So i’ve been planning on upgrading my pc for a while now. My current specs are 2400g, b450-f and 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 ram. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to an RTX 2070 super strix (due to it’s silent mode and looks) and an r5 3600. However, i’m someone who really likes comfort, meaning i do like to have a lot of chrome tabs open and preferably idle in another game while gaming. I’m wondering if it would do justice to upgrade instead to an r7 3700x due to it’s multithreading performace. Would appreciate your guys’ imput! In Sweden where i live the 3600 and 3700x differe by roughly
  4. The AIO finally got introduced in US at CES
  5. Sadly he doesn’t even mention the cooler in the video.
  6. It’s available for order in one store. Out of stock in the other ones...
  7. So i’ve been wondering why there are no reviews on the new Corsair Hydro h150i pro. It’s officially out here in Sweden and available for purchase. I’d imagine that it would be available in US prior to Sweden.
  8. Alright, so i chose to return the 1080 ti strix oc and exchange it for a 1080 strix oc. Basically i found out that the TI would bottleneck it with 5%, compared to the 0-1% with a regular 1080. Wasn’t worth paying an extra 40% for a 20% of performance in return. I used the left over money for a 360mm AIO (Changed the case to make the AIO fit) for better airflow and an Asus maximus X for a more aesthetically looking pc. (Didn’t bother to upgrade to more storage since I typically don’t download a whole lot.) let me know if you agree with my choice.
  9. Yes i bought it online. Is the 1080 strix oc enough for the latest games out there in highest settings? If so, i might reconsider my choice.
  10. Well... i just bought the 1080 ti.
  11. I mean, honestly i could push the boundries a bit and upgrade to an even more solid build, like this. Would it be convient to go for a pc like this for 4k gta, destiny etc? Or would i lose too much $/performance? appreciate the help!
  12. I’m also wondering if i would need a better power supply.
  13. So i just recently made a change on my build. Changed from picture 1 to picture 2. Is it a better choice? I don’t want to go past the 1500$ mark. First build: roughly 1300$ Second build: 1500$ is it worth the extra 200 bucks?
  14. Thanks for the info! And of course, thanks for the welcome!