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  1. Thank you all very very much for all the replies! I really appreciate it
  2. Hi guys, as the title says: Is it okay to charge my MacbookPro through usb-c hub ? - It has a usb-c port with the lightning icon next to it, and I can charge my Macbook through it, it seems that it charges as fast as normally putting the charger in one usb-c port on Macbook. Would something like this hurt my Macbook? (I have Macbook with 2 Thunderbolts, but I need to connect both to dongles because I need 2 display outs for 2 monitors)
  3. Hello everyone, So my brother's XS Max screwed up after the last update (12.3.1) which kinda made it unusable. We tried hard reset (reset to fabric settings) soft reset, everything, its the same. A freshly reset phone without any app installed is lagging. When you click contacts it takes few seconds to load, when you swipe down the notification screen you can see it moving step by step, everything is really laggy. After we loaded apps, if you open say facebook messenger, its white screen for a good 5-10 seconds until it shows up. Tried googling everything, unable to fi
  4. Awesome @TVwazhere ! Will do that, thank you so so much!
  5. So: 4,5 upwards to the top fans (Will that ruin the GPU ? Wouldn't it then counter GPU fans , they should be blowing into one another, thats fine?) 1,2 upwards to the outside 3 to the outside front fans to the inside?
  6. Hello everyone, I've finnaly built a new pc and tomorow I should get 5x RGB fans comming up so I'm wondering how to set them up inside the case for best airflow. This is the current situation: Only AIO is setup , front 2 coolers are huge and they're intaking air inside, 3 coolers on the GPU (Windforce 1080) Should I put fans 4,5 to push air to the PSU area ? Also should fans 1 and 2 intake or push air out? Fan 3 should take the air out right? I really appriciate all the help
  7. Same thing happens to me with my Ryzen 5 1600 OC to 3.9 Ghz and gtx 1080. My CPU bottlenecks my GPU, Fortnite any settings, any resolution, same fps (1080p arround 120-150fps, same for 720p lowest settings etc). I screwed up buying Ryzen cuz I thought it would be able to hold 144fps but eh damn, maybe i OC it to 4Ghz for a bit more stable fps closer to 144 for the higher refreshrate playing.
  8. My Voltage is set on offset so its fixed, but LLC calibration is on auto, could LLC be changing voltage? Tho why would it change ? Its been like this for 2 weeks, and today I notice a change ?
  9. Hello everyone, I got Ryzen 5 1600, recently I bought it and decided to do some OC. I hit 3.9 Ghz at 1.319V MAX (after whole day of usage checking CPU VCORE its max 1.319 and same for the CPU VDD). Today I noticed that the max values have changed, CPU VCORE is 1.341V max value, and CPU VDD is 1.331V Max value, what made this change ? Is my CPU degrading from OC? Everything is still stable and temperatures are fine.
  10. Anyone ? These temperatures seem kinda low (although i have a big case with 3 intake fans and 3 out fans so maybe its just good airflow)
  11. Hello everyone, its me again ! I changed my motherboard and overclocked my CPU, there are my stats with 20ish minutes of stress testing , 3.9 Ghz @ 1.319V (Maybe I can go even lower than that) My question is, which of these temperatures are actual VRM temperatues ? None one them seems to be bad, am I correct ? Thanks for the help !
  12. I think that Asus Prime is the better one of the two, has better VRM cooling and voltage regulation as far as I know. (That kinda matters only if u're going to do some OC). Gigabyte one has better audio I think.
  13. @Jurrunio Don't ask about price, nothing I can do about it, just help me out with the decision. Will the Asus Prime b350 Plus be enough for what I'm trying to do ? Will I be happy with it? Side note, motherboard that I currently own, the ga-b350m-hd3 I paid 110$ , thats the prices here.
  14. For that one I need to pay 30$ more, only better one I can get is Asus Prime B350 - Plus and that one would cost me over 50$ more so yeah. I would only go for 1.35V max on CPU, and 1.35V max on RAM, would the AB350 Gaming 3 be sufficient for that ? Or I'd need to for the Asus one ? @Metallus97
  15. I'm sorry for tagging you all again, I need help once again. I talked to the shop where I bought my PC recently, they said they could make something up to exchange my current Motherboard with my additional payment for this motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/GA-AB350-Gaming-3-rev-1x#kf Would I be able to do everything mentioned on this one ? OC CPU but this time to like 3.9 - 4.0 Ghz and also oc ram ? Thank you all and sorry for distrubing. @Metallus97 @Jurrunio @cj09beira @Tyler Moore
  16. Hahahaha thats fine, didn't understood it in a harsh way anyway. I'm just kinda sad that this is happening just because I got stuck with a shitty Motherboard with everything else being decent and nothing I can do about it.
  17. So ye I guess I'll just have to add one more same ram stick and hope that dual channel stabilises FPS enough to use 144Hz monitor comfortably. Thank you all so much for the help, I really appriciate it
  18. @Tyler Moore I dont understand, 1.2V at stock is bad ? Or am I missing something ? @Metallus97 So OC-ing my RAM is a no no too ?
  19. Other games are pretty much fine like AAA titles, as long as my GPU goes to 95%ish its not a CPU bottleneck and I'm totally satisfied. I'll probably see what I can do about RAM.
  20. @cj09beira Does RAM OC have anything to do with VRM ? What about I try doing that ? This ram is stock at 1.2V, what would be safe voltage to go with this kind of Motherboard ?
  21. @Jurrunio Could it be that the Motherboard itself is keeping my CPU from its full potential ?
  22. What makes me thing that I'm bottlenecking is that I'm mostly playing Fortnite. Streamer settings at 1080p (streamer settings are like optimized best performance settings) i'm getting 40-50% GPU usage and 30-40% CPU usage. I cant reach steady 144FPS - it goes to 170 then 130 then 120 then 150 etc (If I could I wouldn't even be looking to OC, but soon I'm getting a 144Hz display so...I want 144 fps all the time). I'm guessing from low GPU usage, its a CPU bottleneck, isn't it ? I only have one RAM stick, when I get another I'd probably get few more fps becaus
  23. I tried auto voltage few days ago, made my CPU go to 3.8Ghz and I was stoked to see that my voltage was only 1.236V at most after 2hours of various CPU tests. Maybe that wouldn't be bad if I put 1.25V at manual voltage (not auto) and try to get 3.8Ghz with that and put like a fan to blow into VRM ?
  24. Where I live, r5 1600 is 244$ and r7 1700 410$ so....yeah. How about trying to overclock on stock voltage ? What is even stock voltage for my CPU, where can I check that? Is it 1.2V - 1.25V ?
  25. Hello everyone, I've been trying to search information on the internet and I kinda was unable to research enough so I need your help. I was looking to overclock RAM & CPU and I'm worried about my VRM's. The situation is the following : Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350m HD3 (Not many details on this one, but I think it has a 4 power something ?) CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RAM: Crucial DDR4 2400Mhz UDIMM GPU : GTX 1080 Windforce I'm having slight bottleneck on the GPU from my CPU cuz only 3.4 Ghz. Please don't ask how I got this 'unb