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  1. Don't close the lid, and take it to a Apple store or a individual who is knowledgeable in the repair of Apple laptops.
  2. I'm currently learning Java in high school and it's quite easy and fun; certainly powerful! Talk to your community college about it!
  3. For mesh networking, if the router supports it; like AI Mesh for ASUS routers; than absolutely.
  4. First, try to send it to Razer for a replacement. Even if it's out of warranty, they may still give you a discount.
  5. I think Jayztwoccents tried to purposely zap a mobo with electricity, and nothing happened. So I doubt that's the issue.
  6. Take out the 32gb ram sticks and put in the default amount of ram that was working properly. Test if that's the issue,
  7. Try testing everything. Try with the GPU connected and not connected. Try with different amounts of ram, etc.
  8. Maybe DRM or something. Try running an older version of Windows 10 Home.
  9. Brand doesen't matter, besides cooling, and they all make different models; with different coolers. Honestly, any of them would work; as long as your not doing any serious overclocking. They all have the same chips inside of them.
  10. I have a Galaxy S7 edge. I was thinking I could maybe find something better than my phone at least with my budget. Where do you think I should invest my 300 in if I shouldn't invest in a camera?
  11. Hello! I was wondering what are some of my options for creating Marques Brownlee and Austin Evan style videos on Youtube. I am okay with pre-owned camera and audio hardware. My budget is under 300$, preferably for both pieces of equipment combined, but more money can be allocated for a decent microphone. I live in Houston Texas, so US prices are acceptable.