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  1. You know, that chip is based on GCN afaik, which is AMD IP. So if they were shrewd business people, they would work with microsoft to create an api for it, and they would work with their board partners to bring sound cards with that architecture to PC, and encourage multiplatform games to support it.
  2. I have very little faith in mainstream youtubers covering this topic well. Maybe after the PS5 launch, because sony seems like they are championing the technology. Usually, what people will do is just try to learn about this stuff through google, and then they come across some self professed audio guru on headfi or some other forum telling people that surround sound is a gimmick and what people actually need are audiophile headphones with a good "soundstage". Even though if you had a basic understanding of audio then you would know the limitations of traditional stereo audio and that there is
  3. You want to make sure the speaker placement is reasonable and the room acoustics are good, and that windows is configured for surround sound. But it technically can give you a competitive advantage. For example, with stereo, you don't have the ability to discern front vs back without rotating. So think of a battle royal game where the ring is closing and you are running in a straight line - you will lose an entire dimension of audio information. Think of a class based shooter with a tank class that has to push forward. Think of a sniper that is pre-aiming. In all these cases, using stereo will
  4. If it is directsound3d, you either use windows xp to play those games with a creative sound card, or you use modern windows with a creative sound card with alchemy.
  5. I think people place too much emphasis on headphone choice, as I think they feel it is the only thing they have control over. However, I think you should mainly just look for something with a good frequency response. The inconvenient truth is that good positional audio comes from the processing used to create binaural audio from the game audio, as well as the quality of the game assets. So for example, that COD game support windows 10 spatial sound. If you get a pair of high end sennheiser hd800 headphones, it will still be objectively worse with plain stereo in terms of positional
  6. Dolby atmos is a way to store 3d audio data digitally. It is done in a way so it can scale to a number of different speaker layouts. It is like the text on this website. If you have a higher resolution monitor, then you get sharper text. But you aren't going to get the quality of a 4k display on a 1080p monitor, even if both displays are viewing the same website. Similarly, you don't get the spatial quality of a 7.1.2 system with just two speakers natively, even if both are playing the same atmos audio. The speakers may have some processing that allows them to give more
  7. You can make it work, but it involves extra steps. So, I would maybe go with something that is just a headphone amp, like the upcoming topping L30.
  8. I would suggest looking into using hesuvi. Don't get a dac, because dacs typically only support 2 channel audio, and you will find this will complicate the set up. Just get the headphone amp.
  9. From a longevity perspective, I think they all have faults. The 990 pro doesn't have a detachable cable. The mobius doesn't have a replaceable battery. And the k712 pro relies on tension in the headband cable to maintain a good fit, which eventually will be lost. I think the sennheiser options ultimately do the best here if you want something to buy for life. You want to be careful when getting information from headphone enthusiasts, since they generally are ignorant of the benefits of audio processing. hrtf processing from the headset itself, like with the mobius, or from elsewher
  10. I think the problem with headphone gaming discourse in general is that people fetishize headphone choice, but don't appreciate the power of binaural audio/the limitations of standard stereo audio. And I think the way headphone enthusiasts talk about soundstage has genuinely confused people. Good headphones are not going to magically put in accurate spatial information that the digital audio itself wasn't carrying.
  11. Imo, the important thing is to never play in plain stereo. If the game gives you the option for hrtf, use it. If you have to use virtual surround sound on the surround sound from the game, do that. If the game supports windows spatial sound, you can get good results with the windows 10 stuff (sonic for headphones, atmos for headphone). If you look at some of the most popular multiplayer shooters right now - Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, rainbow six siege, these don't support hrtf. Call of duty Warzone supports win10 spatial sound. Only CSGO, Overwatch, and PUBG have hrtf optio
  12. With regular stereo audio, there is only information for left and right directions. When you use virtual surround, you are using the principles of spatial hearing (interaural level difference, interaural time difference, hrtf) to have more directional information in the audio mix, so that objects in the game world are more accurately represented in the audio. Furthermore, if a game incorrectly assumes front facing speakers for headphone users, then moving objects won't have their sounds updated properly as they reach the side. This problem is not possible with surround sound becaus
  13. If you look at the pubg video I linked earlier, it shows how audio processing can improve front vs back localization and eliminate dead zones.
  14. Oh, I thought you were joking. Typically headsets are all in one solutions that are popular at lower price points. I am dubious about sound quality, but for gaming purposes I imagine it will be good enough. And sound quality itself is mainly frequency response, and that can be modified with equalization if people want to put the effort into improving that. On the flip side, my fear when people use headphone+microphone or an analog headset with no processing is that they will be playing games in plain stereo, which I see as a needless loss of spatial information.
  15. Ha, yea, when you get into the audiophile world, things get crazy and people will pay a lot for just a brand logo like sennheiser or beyerdynamic. It is like fashion with Versace.