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  1. Sorry, should have been clearer, I meant that I built systems optimised for FSX or X-Plane back when I was still at school. At the time there was quite a lot you could do to tailor a PC for flight sims specifically, particularly FSX. In terms of specs, the sims were very CPU bound, but didn't play nicely with hyperthreading so you'd essentially be gunning for the highest overclock you could get on four cores. So you'd ideally want a binned i5, or i7 with HT disabled (the 4770K tended to overclock better than the 4570K for example, so the premium was still worth it for some),
  2. Hello all As I do on many free Saturday mornings, I’ve just been enjoying the WAN show vod with a cup of coffee. I’m not often one to comment, but so many of Linus’ remarks about Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator resonated with me so deeply I felt I had to (over)-share! The reason I started watching LTT (well, NCIX tech tips #19) about 11 years ago was because even 3 years after release, Flight Simulator X was itself a complete performance hog. Then 13-year-old me wanted to learn how to overclock as I’d heard this would help quite a bit and crucially didn’t cost anything.
  3. I bought the case second hand off a bloke in East London. It came with a bunch of accessories including the 360mm flex bay radiator mount. Whilst all things CaseLabs are out of production now, bestcases.eu still have that particular mount in stock (https://www.bestcases.eu/flex-bay-120-3-360-fan-radiator-mount). I'm sure shipping across the pond will be both expensive and slow, but it might be your best bet. Alternatively you could try the 'Caselabs Modders and Builders' FB group, which is quite active and has plenty of people swapping and selling various Caselabs parts. You m
  4. I had my concerns about this too, but tested several configurations, both series and parallel using soft tubing. The memory block was added only for aesthetics, so to maximise flow through the CPU, I’ve inserted a silicone ball through which I’ve drilled a 1.5mm hole into the 90 degree single rotary exiting the memory block. After doing this, I found no meaningful difference in CPU temps regardless of configuration and this way looked the best to my eyes.
  5. Looks good man, it's nice to see an NF-A20 out in the wild. Hopefully 200mm fans and radiators will become more ubiquitous over the next few years; I can see it being a real leap forward for silent PCs. I'd love it if Noctua were to release an Industrial PPC SKU in black...
  6. Thanks Seoz, it’s kind of you to say. I think the key to the cable management is building the cables to length, with a specific run in mind. Then, so long as you lay them in a sensible order, they pretty much manage themselves. The loop layout was a sort of lazy alternative to a distro plate. The only complication was running the high resistance CPU block and low resistance RAM block in parallel. To ensure enough flow through the CPU block, there’s a silicon ball bearing with a 1.5mm hole drilled into it inserted into the 90 degree fitting coming out of the memory. This restri
  7. Hi all It's been a while since my last build, but I'm excited to have just completed a (sort of) new one. I'd been in my trusty Corsair Obsidian 350D since 2014 and it certainly served me well. Having started out accommodating just an open CPU watercooling loop with a single 240mm radiator and bay pump reservoir combo, I progressively shoehorned in a second radiator, GPU block, tube reservoir and a Laing D5. For an mATX case of its era to hold all of this without modding, I think is rather good. Nevertheless, my Haswell CPU is getting rather long in the tooth and with
  8. Interesting video, I really enjoyed this one. Though after getting Acer's XB321HK, I wouldn't trade the extra five inches for either HDR or high refresh rate. Granted I play mostly X Plane and P3D, neither of which can realistically be driven much above 60FPS with good add-ons and reasonable graphics settings, but I really feel 32 inches and up is where 4K becomes worthwhile. I use it quite comfortably without scaling, which I couldn't say of 27" 4K displays.
  9. One of my favourite videos you've done in a while, absolutely fascinating! Very well presented and entertaining to watch, even by your own high standards.
  10. Outstanding video, even by your super high standards! I love it when you re-purpose practical, professional grade technologies like Mosaic for your own unique brand of shenanigans.
  11. So does that mean when Kaby Lake E comes along, 4K Netflix won't be supported since it lacks onboard graphics?
  12. I never knew how awful the DRM was for 4K content. I was surprised when you mentioned 4K Netflix was only going to work with 7th Gen Intel CPUs on the WAN Show a while back and even thought I may have misunderstood. Has this been the case since 4K Netflix was introduced? And does anyone know whether Ryzen is compatible? As for needing an approved monitor for 4K Blu-Rays, that really is ridiculous! Great video as ever though
  13. This is going to be spectacular. I love the paint finish you've achieved, far superior to brushed aluminium if you ask me.
  14. What a stunning build, it's really nice to see something like this in an InWin case. I feel this sort of project, with a 'better-than-factory' quality finish is what they're designed for.
  15. I really loved this one, great job LTT! I suppose it's obvious really, but it still interests me that these super-computers are comprised of processors not too distantly related to what we're all using, just in unbelievable numbers.