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    madknight3 got a reaction from HarryNyquist in Billing SYstem   
    Start by making a list of requirements. List and describe all the functionality that this project needs so that you know what needs to be done and how it's all supposed to work.
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    madknight3 reacted to Nuluvius in C++ program trouble Immediate HELP SOS !!!   
    That's generally the intention behind homework... you have to do it. Yourself.
    No. At least make the effort yourself. Your laziness is not our problem.
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    madknight3 reacted to spook811 in Just released my first desktop application   
    Hey All,
    So I built this tool recently to simply store my colour palettes for various projects as a web developer and have them easily copy and pastable when working. It's a simple tool that stores your colours, allows you add and manage them as you please. Now I know there's similar tools out there, but they didn't do what I wanted or the way I wanted, so in the maker spirit, it built my own! It's been a good learning curve using the hybrid tool Electron, which uses JS and runs on NodeJS, so as a web developer I somewhat feel right at home. Anyway, I just wanted to show off my achievement! Don't think i'm allowed to share a link to the basic site I threw together but  if you're interested, drop me a message  

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    madknight3 got a reaction from Matias_Chambers in What programming language to start with?   
    Yeah, there are a few out there.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from ThyFeared in Small amount of help required CSS+PHP   
    I'm not very familiar with WordPress and PHP so I probably wouldn't be of much help. Hopefully some of the PHP people see this (might want to edit your title to include the CSS & PHP part).
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    madknight3 got a reaction from TorturedMoon in Javascript to exe   
    What are you trying to do? It sounds to me like you want to make a desktop app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If that is the case, check out Electron.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from IndisciousWrath in Learning Python - The advantages and uses   
    Chances are if you're going to university you'll be doing something like Computer Science/Engineering. Check out the Open Source Society University to see what kind of courses you can do in a degree. At University, you'll learn how to program, and you'll learn some pretty useful/interesting stuff, but you won't really learn how to build software. Some universities may have some courses focused on building software and other industry skills, but it probably won't be the focus. Getting industry experience with internships can help fill in some of the gaps, and you can learn a lot on your own time.
    Python is perfectly fine to start with. It's probably one of the most common languages beginners start with so don't worry about it. You'll eventually learn more than one language anyway.
    When starting out, regardless of the language, pretty much everyone starts off with command line applications. They might not seem super exciting, but they are useful and a great place to start learning. It keeps the applications simple so you can focus on learning the language syntax and basic programming principles. Check out the book Automate the Boring Stuff (it's online for free).
    After that, decide what type of application you want to build. The type of application, desktop/web/mobile, will determine what new things you need to learn. Python can do it all, but so can many other languages, so you have plenty of choice.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Akolyte in Javascript to exe   
    What are you trying to do? It sounds to me like you want to make a desktop app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If that is the case, check out Electron.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Nuluvius in A little help   
    If you already know some C++, and Java is taught in your required courses, then chances are you'll be able to pick up C# relatively easy on your own and don't need to spend an elective on it if there's something more beneficial you can take. For example, a functional programming elective would be better in my mind. It'll teach you another paradigm instead of just another language.
    In general, don't spend all your electives on learning new languages. Chances are you'll cover multiple languages over the course of your degree without needing to take a language specific course. If there are any languages you'd like to learn that aren't taught in a required course, just learn them on your own in your free time. I recommend you spend your electives on any language agnostic topics that interest you. Algorithms, complexity, software development, databases, networking, compilers, AI, machine learning, etc.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from squirrl in C# - NullReferenceException was unhandled   
    You can use Contains on arrays as well. I tried it before posting to make sure.
    string[] s = {"hello", "there"}; s.Contains("hello"); // returns true s.Contains("he"); // returns false Note this works for all primitive types, not just string.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Nicholatian in C# - NullReferenceException was unhandled   
    Sorry, I was merely providing some information on the operators, not checking to see if your logic was correct or not.
    Since there have been some changes, how about you post the full OnTask class again.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from minibois in Gurus Help me   
    Probably because it loses access to the variables perfCpuCount, perfMemCount, and perfTemperature.
    You can pass information into a function through its parameters. Here's a very simple example
    void Main() { int i = 2; int j = 3; int result = Add(i, j); } public static int Add(int x, int y) { return x + y; }  
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    madknight3 got a reaction from NinjaJc01 in What is the Easiest Language   
    If you are managing with C#, I'd stick with that for now. Still, to answer your question Python and Ruby are generally considered easier languages. Lua is too although it isn't as widely used.
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    madknight3 reacted to Nicholatian in LOCK PLEASE   
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Nuluvius in Learning resource   
    Another vote for Pluralsight here. They have a C# path that you can follow so you don't have to guess which courses to take. You can also get multiple months for free through the Visual Studio Dev Essentials program (which is also free to sign up for). You're automatically in this program if you've already got a visual studio account, just sign in and redeem the offer.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Nineshadow in Product list page   
    I could be wrong, but I assume someone, like the seller, enters the information for the website to store in its database. So you'd design a process for adding products to the site. You would have a set of required information that needs to be added for that product, and probably some optional stuff as well. You may or may not need to register and verify sellers if you don't want to allow anyone to add products to your site. You could also design a method for bulk uploads (spreadsheets, csv files, etc) where you just import that file instead of typing everything out manually. That way a seller could run a script on their inventory, output the required file in the required format, and add all their products at once.
    Some companies may offer API's although I don't know of any so you'll have to look for that yourself. You can also do some web scraping to get products off of websites that don't offer an API although I don't know if there are any legal issues surrounding this depending on what you're doing with this information.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Orcblood in Need help with C#   
    You can also use a verbatim string literal by placing the @ symbol in from of the quoted text.
    @"\_etc" This removes the need to escape characters, except the double quote character which is added like so
    @"Example: ""Hi"" they said." It also allows you to write multiline strings that keep line breaks and spacing intact.
    @"Hello World" With C# 6, they introduced interpolated strings which you can also combine with verbatim strings.
    Stackoverflow: How do you use verbatim strings with interpolation?
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Stevoicus in System for a tool hire company- What language?   
    I don't see why Python wouldn't cut it. Python can do quite a lot and has multiple GUI frameworks you can use for desktop apps.
    Sounds like he's suggesting you do a web app. Not sure if that's a requirement or not, but you can write web apps in Python too. Python has many web frameworks to choose from.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Stevoicus in System for a tool hire company- What language?   
    The best language is probably whatever you currently know best. That way you spend more time on development and testing of the project, and less on learning the language/libraries. You can probably pick any popular language and do what you want.
    Some more options to add to as96's suggestions are
    Python with Kivy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Electron A web app (lots of server side language options)
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    madknight3 got a reaction from trag1c in Programmers, what would you do with $500 for personal improvement?   
    Yeah, the list doesn't have every topic covered, like game development for example, but it covers a pretty wide range of topics. Design patterns, architecture, refactoring, algorithms, functional/object oriented programming and principles, automation, etc. Basically a lot of language agnostic stuff. I have a some .NET specific books on the list as well because that's what my job uses.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from bzurk in When did you get into programming?   
    For Android, Java (not JavaScript) is the place to start. For iOS, Swift is the place to start. For Windows Phone, C# is the place to start.
    There are also frameworks out there that let you write in one language and build for all of them. For example, Xamarin lets you build Android and iOS apps with C# and Phonegap lets you build them using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I'd recommend you learn how to build at least basic apps natively before deciding if you want to play around with these types of frameworks.
    Some web development experience can also be useful as many mobile apps communicate with web services. You don't have to worry about that in the beginning though, just build mobile apps for now if that's what you're into.
    New stuff pops up all the time, some of it becomes popular, some of it doesn't. Programming languages that have been around for decades are among the most used languages and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Plenty of people still have great careers with them.
    Many people start programming in college and do just fine making a career out of it. You also don't have to be the best out there to have a good career. Just focus on making yourself as good as you can be.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from Nuluvius in A fun little game I made!   
    A lot of your time programming is going to be spent testing and debugging. You'll rarely code something 100% correct the first time. It can also be very challenging to fix some of these issues that arise. Working through those challenges will make you better.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from EnVy_28 in C# Windows Form Panel is too small... Any alternatives or solution?   
    You could distribute them up over multiple "pages".
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    madknight3 got a reaction from EnVy_28 in C# Windows Form Panel is too small... Any alternatives or solution?   
    You might be able to do a scroll like feature where what's in the current view is the only thing on the form. The stuff below/above the currently viewed items aren't actually on the form. The scroll bar, or whatever you use, could just determine the starting index. Then you take the 'n' items needed to fill the view starting at that index and display them.
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    madknight3 got a reaction from fizzlesticks in programming "bible"?   
    I don't think you're going to find a single book to cover what you're interested in, and even if you did, I can't imagine it would cover it all very well. Instead you'll probably want to build that knowledge over time from multiple sources.