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    a mega nerd.
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    Ryzeb 7 2700x
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    Asus X370 pro ATX
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    g.skill trident z 64gb ddr4-3000 (running @ 2800)
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    GTX 1080ti GAMING X
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    Thermal take Core X9
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    Seagate barracuda 3tb, Exos Seagate 10tb 1tb 970 Evo
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    EVGA 850W +80 GOLD FM
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    NZXT Kraken 240
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    Razer Huntsman Eliete
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    Razer - Mamba
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    TONOR Professional Condenser Microphone XLR, Razer Nari Wireless
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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    Macbook 2015 (1tb) Razer Blade 15 2019

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  1. ok an update, I have no f**king idea what I did, but I got the raid array to load, and I'm pulling all the data off right now as far as I see right now, nothing is lost so I am gonna hurry. I will update in a few hours
  2. according to SMART none of the disks have errors
  3. ok I backed up all the disks, how can I attempt to bring the raid back online (or the drives)
  4. can you give me a link to DD rescue and the documentation?
  5. ok, that explains alot. I assumed the LED's were hard-wired to the drive bay itself, not the card. how could I bring the disks online? (hardware or software) I do have access to a Linux tower running Ubuntu server (18.04 LTS)
  6. there are 6 total drives, none of them will power up the middle bottom one is the one causing the issue
  7. the error on the yellow is for the cover being off
  8. raid boot menu, the raid array won't show up in Vshpere, and I have no idea how to import an array
  9. it shows as a foreign array, but it won't turn on any of the drives (they all show up in the raid menu), no lights on any of drives. ill get the pictures in a few minutes, could you tell me what to take?
  10. I am using Vmware Vsphere 6.7 U3. I can't seem to get another one of those disks, or would a 2tb be fine? (I have a 2tb 5900rpm drive also)
  11. my system is a dell r710, with the h100 (or 700?) raid card. I had a drive fail and now wondering how to recover the raid array, I put in a new drive to replace the old. the drives on the system right now are 2tb 7200 WD Enterprise (sata). I popped in a 3tb seagate drive and now it just doesn't show the 3tb disk. how do I rebuild the array (or get data off) without another 2tb hdd? raid 10 I can provide more info if needed as I have no f*cking idea what im doing. and I have no backup.
  12. Check out ext install fabiospampinato.vscode-highlight You can change your highlight or text color. If your dont like black text, maybe change to a dark theme (everything is white) also documentation is provided for vscode-highlight on the marketplace
  13. What are you using in your USB ports? List your drives and peripherals