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    Novels - Chinese Novels - JP Novels - English Novels - Lately into Historical Literature.
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    I'm a novel fanatic. Stupidly obsessed with novels to the point of blocking me from reading at least 5 chapters a day will make me quite angry.
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    Student / Lazy Bum / Young Entrepreneur / Future 3 stories Internet Cafe

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  1. I'm guaranteed to get a relatively good computer in middle of October, therefore my setup is pretty crappy, can't run the simplest of games smoothly. So I'm currently searching for peripherals. I had a thread about picking up a relatively good budget Headset(HS50) and in that thread I said I'll order it. But yesterday, I typed on a Mechanical Keyboard for the first time(Razer Keyboards) and It felt pretty fantastic! I have a hobby of writing fictions and my training work consist of being able to type out cohesive papers to attract customers or partnerships. I'm indecisive, I've read a lo
  2. When your power goes out in the middle of making a joke and you come back to seeing everyone leaving the VC and unfriending you. :wut:

  3. https://www.amazon.com/PG27AQ-3840x2160-G-SYNC-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B01AWGY9MG This probably, it's 4K with G-SYNC and if you can mount it, it'll become aesthetically pleasing. I don't really like ROG designs but their Monitors are pretty dope.
  4. ...Aesthetically? Well, the recent 4k 'monitor' that Linus reviewed just a week ago is quite good with its big frame, it's quite eye catching. LG 4K 27UD88-W is sleek with its bezel.
  5. If you want to see Katy Perry singing Firework inside your house, then by any means, please do try. But for real though, there's many obvious dangers of even trying to use a laptop's charger for other ones. Don't do it.
  6. Please don't even think of buying a Gaming branded chairs. Amazon has a collection of office chairs and Ikea office chairs are probably what most people uses. Simple search and click could bring you to a world of possibilities, and Ikea is eating my soul with their Markus Swivel Chair. so much drool over that chair
  7. Oh good points. Although to be honest, with all these gears I'm sure that he would have a few actual coolers over the included CPU coolers. Ah yes, I actually forgot that 1080 can also be overclocked. I'm always focused on the price over essentials so I'll keep that in mind.
  8. True, the 1800x performance over 1700 is very negligible, but the OP wants to work on programs that focuses on CPU more.
  9. To be honest, if you want to spend that few bucks for R7 1800x and GTX 1080 then it's all up to you. But for me, I would rather choose 1070ti over the 1080, and spend that few bucks for 1800x. Performance wise, Sony Vegas and Unity focuses on the CPU and RAM while and Gaming is more on GPU. It's all on what you do.
  10. Never had this happen to me, but that sounds like my old PS2 CDs being messy. Probably your Hard Drive or Fans.
  11. Oh, hmm, well the simple thing is just to wait, unless you urgently need to get inside your website. I can usually visit the website without using the VPN so I can't really help your case. China is a sad place man, my buddy visited that place and immediately cries help to me because he can't access Youtube and his artwork on a 'not so pure and very perverted place'. So yeah, wait til tomorrow then try again. Maybe try a new VPN to log in with.
  12. I've had this problem all the time when using a VPN without logging off. The simple fix I could do is to be stubborn and insistently use 'get new password', but that'll end up with a lot of stuff in your mail though. I also just waited. Maybe contact support? https://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/
  13. It's in the morning and my stomach wants me to eat something. I got up and went to wash my face and then proceeds downstairs. I grabbed my cereal bowl and my carton of milk hidden at the edge of the fridge where I know it'll be safe from the gluttonous demons that is my family. I opened my newly bought Fruit Loops which had just arrived newly at the stores across Malaysia, I've heard great things about this brand of cereals and can't wait to eat it. I poured my cereals and milk to make the perfect breakfast, I was ecstatic! Going upstairs to my bedroom and towards my crappy setup, everythin
  14. Okay, thanks a lot for the suggestion! I've heard a lot of good things about HS50 and can't wait for its arrival when I get down to buying it. It's not too goofy and I can definitely wear it to meetings without getting weird looks haha.